Chocolate Snowball and Other Fabulous Pastries from Deer Valley If you like to bake, you need my cookbook, Chocolate Snowball and Other Fabulous Pastries from Deer Valley.

I absolutely love Chocolate Snowball’s lapis blue cover, blue that melts out of glittery snow. Inside is the story of Deer Valley Resort and my career as pastry chef at

As the title hints, Chocolate Snowball is chock-full of recipes for sweets and treats and breads and cakes, fancy and simple desserts, cakes, pies and ice cream too. And they’re all rated according to ease of preparation. With symbols ski areas use to rate their trails, easier Easier, intermediate Intermediate, advanced Advanced and expert Expert.

You get it. It’s a cookbook for all levels of bakers.

Six years. That’s how long it took to write the hardback edition—counting from the day I bought my first computer until the day the book came out in 1999. In early 2011 my publisher and I worked on a paperback version, which was my opportunity to update and revise anything I wanted; to add new recipes, and to chronicle Deer Valley’s evolution into the world class resort it is. I was able to pore over every word and change what I felt was needed.

You can buy Chocolate Snowball paperback and Kindle versions through Amazon.

Now my writing is digitally published and of a different sort—reflecting the passion I have for vegetarian food. Even when I was elbow high in butter and sugar by day, at home my cooking was plant-based. Maybe another cookbook is brewing somewhere in these recipes from Letty’s Kitchen.