Spicy Greens and Lentil Tacos with Guacamole Sauce

Mexican food made with simple, flavorful ingredients—spicy greens and lentil tacos with guacamole sauce. One bite, una mordida, and you’ll be dancing the cha cha cha!

Spicy Greens and Lentil Tacos with Guacamole Sauce | Letty's Kitchen

Leafy greens inspire a whole lot of meals in this kitchen. I’m always amazed at how what looks like a huge pile of greens wilts into a spicy, tangy, sweetly bitter tumble. Right now we’re hanging out in Baja Mexico, and garden-fresh wilted greens tucked into griddle-warm corn tortillas are looking muy bien. Continue Reading…

Black and Red Lentil Beer Soup (Instant Pot or Stove-top) (Vegan)

This black and red lentil beer soup is quick to make, high-in-protein, plant-based, and tasty as all get out—an easy home-cooked meal for this busy time of year. This recipe first appeared on Pressure Cooking Today, where I’m a contributor.

Black and Red Lentil Beer Soup | Letty's Kitchen

I’ve been making this hearty vegetarian soup, with variations here and there, since I was old enough to drink beer. (Not that that would have stopped me from pouring beer in my soup.) Around that same time I bought my first pressure cooker, so I’m pretty sure I’ve always used a pressure cooker for lentil beer soup.

At the top of a tattered yellowed page in one of my old recipe journals, I scribbled Lentil Wunderbar Soup. In those days I didn’t think to note where a recipe came from—so if you have a clue, please write. What I do know is wunderbar in German means wonderful, marvelous. Continue Reading…

A Baker’s Dozen Healthy Holiday Cookies

It seems like sweets galore show up everywhere one goes this time of year. I say to myself that I’m going to stay away from food with a lot of sugar, but then I spy a plate of homemade cookies and my resolve flies right out the window. Does that happen to you? Thought so. Let’s put a screen on that window. Here’s a baker’s dozen roundup of healthy holiday cookies–treats with a healthier twist!

Healthy Holiday Cookies Roundup

“Healthier twist” is my very flexible description. It means if maple syrup or coconut sugar or honey is in the recipe, that’s healthier. Then again, if there’s a little cane sugar involved—well the cookie is probably gluten-free or vegan. We all have friends and family who would appreciate some tempting healthy holiday cookies that just happen to be one of those. Continue Reading…

Winter Greens with Pomegranate and Olives

I saw a little blurb yesterday that says the average person gains one to two pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. As the parade of buffets, cookies, and cocktails comes our way, let’s make a healthy plan to fill our tummies with a daily salad. As in this salad of winter greens with pomegranate and olives–my new favorite antidote to holiday overindulgence.

Winter Greens with Pomegranate and Olives | Letty's Kitchen

There’s a festive feeling about this salad. I mean, curly-leafed frisée lettuce is a party already. Toss in tart fruity pomegranate seeds, salty olives, and toasted sunflower seeds, dress with a lemon caper vinaigrette, and you’ve got a salad that would be appreciated at any holiday gala. Continue Reading…

Brown Rice Pumpkin Date Pudding

Brown rice pumpkin date pudding—this is comfort food that you can feel good about. Starring pumpkin pie spices and real pumpkin, it’s naturally sweetened with dates and maple syrup, and to boot, it’s made with whole grain brown rice. This recipe first appeared on Pressure Cooking Today where I’m a contributor.

Brown Rice Pumpkin Date Pudding | Letty's Kitchen

With welcoming nutlike flavor and a chewy high-fiber bite, nutritious brown rice takes more time to cook than white rice, which has the bran and germ removed. A pressure cooker really speeds up the cooking time for creamy tender brown rice pumpkin date pudding, so that’s how we roll in this kitchen. You can cook brown rice pudding stovetop as well, but it takes a lot longer. Continue Reading…