Cinnamon Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce {vegan}

Fresh pears are at their peak this time of year, and cinnamon poached pears with chocolate sauce is an elegant yet simple dessert showcasing this seasonal bell-shaped fruit. It’s a marriage made in heaven–bittersweet chocolate sauce draping over perfectly poached citrus and cinnamon scented pears. This recipe first appeared on Pressure Cooking Today where I’m a contributor.

Cinnamon Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce | Letty's Kitchen

“There are only 10 minutes in the life of a pear when it is perfect to eat.” Back in my bakery days, I’d heard that saying about pears, so I Googled it. It’s a quote from poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. Who knew? I bet he would have loved this dessert.

Ten minutes might be an exaggeration, but it’s certainly true that perfectly ripe pears are key to perfectly poached pears. This means pears should definitely not be mushy, but neither should they be rock hard. Aim for just ripe, but still firm, with color just beginning to change from green to yellow. Continue Reading…

Mushroom, Chard, and Cheddar Tart

Filled with meaty golden sautéed mushrooms and vitamin-rich chard, this mushroom, chard, and cheddar tart is mostly all veggies, with a couple of eggs and a smattering of cheese to hold everything together. It’s baked in a flaky whole wheat oatmeal crust and finished with a sprinkle of crunchy roasted sunflower seeds.Mushroom, Chard, and Cheddar Tart | Letty's Kitchen

At play here is what I call the amazing shrinking greens phenomenon. This time a big leafy bunch of chard greens reduces into a green tangle. When chard is your green leafy, be sure to use the stems, just pan-fry those colorful tasty stems along with the onions. When they’re soft, add the chopped chard leaves and cook until they’ve wilted and shrunk–into just enough to fill a 9-inch tart. Continue Reading…

Lentil Chiles Rellenos with Creamy Walnut Sauce – vegetarian Chiles en Nogadas

Lentil chiles rellenos with creamy walnut sauce are a delicious meatless play on the famous Mexican dish, chiles en nogada. Oh the colors, flavors, and textures! These have the traditional almond crunch, dried fruit sweetness, warm spices, not to mention the creamy white sauce and crimson pomegranate garnish. But the filling in these chiles begins with rustic lentils and golden meaty mushrooms. When you bite in, pretend you’re in the heart of Mexico.

Lentil Chiles Rellenos with Creamy Walnut Sauce | Letty's Kitchen

When traveling in Mexico, and finding chiles en nogada on a restaurant menu, I always dreamed of a vegetarian version. I once asked the chef to make me some without meat. He obliged, but they came served cold, and I was totally disappointed. So, I’m stoked to share this recipe, these fantastic stuffed mild chiles, served hot, with warm creamy goat cheese walnut sauce. Continue Reading…

Chunky Banana Chocolate Chip Pecan Pancakes

Chop some sweet banana, throw in buttery-rich nuts, and bake them into golden brown pancakes. You’ve already got a good thing going, and it gets even better when you stir in the chocolate. Chunky banana chocolate chip pecan pancakes —just the thought of these will get you out of bed in the morning.

Chunky Banana Chocolate Chip Pecan Pancakes | Letty's Kitchen

Today’s banana chocolate chip pecan pancakes are made with whole wheat flour, chia seeds, and healthy bananas and nuts. They are easy to mix up, and, with no eggs or dairy, they rise quite nicely for your weekend nourishment needs. Continue Reading…

Grilled Zucchini Fettuccine with Walnut Pesto {vegan}

Zucchini ribbons, cooked till they get a nice char around the edges, mixed into tender-firm pasta noodles, all bathed in a savory walnut and lemon sauce—this grilled zucchini fettuccine with walnut pesto is stick-to-your ribs comforting—just what we need on these chilly fall evenings.

Grilled Zucchini Fettuccine with Walnut Pesto | Letty's Kitchen

Happy Autumn! The days might be getting shorter, yet gardens are still giving us fresh veggies. Here’s an easy way to use the last of this season’s zucchini. Light up the grill!

While the grill heats up, get out the food processor. Finely chop walnuts with shallots, lemon zest and thyme, stir in fresh-squeezed lemon juice and walnut and/or olive oil to make the pesto sauce. Set that aside.

ingredients for Grilled Zucchini Fettuccine with Walnut Pesto | Letty's Kitchen

Next, slice the “zukes” lengthwise into wide thin ribbons. Toss with olive oil and salt and pepper. Pop them on the grill. Just before you’re ready to eat, cook the fettuccine in plenty of boiling salted water, until the pasta is al dente, tender to the tooth. Stir a bit of pasta water into the pesto to loosen it up, and then toss everything together. This super simple supper is just fancy enough to serve to company. Continue Reading…