Spicy Black Bean Chili with Hearty Greens

Seasoned with smoky chipotle chiles, mild tomato salsa, and green chiles, this spicy black bean chili with hearty greens will rock your chili world. You will totally love how the greens balance the already vibrant flavors of this nourishing vegetarian chili. This recipe first appeared on Pressure Cooking Today where I’m a contributor.

Spicy Black Bean Chili with Hearty Greens | Letty's Kitchen

In addition to the greens, a lot of the depth and balance in this chili comes from smoked and dried jalapeños in sweet tangy, spiced puree of tomatoes and vinegar–chipotles in adobo. They’re spicy hot, but the small amount of chipotle chile adds that perfect smoky heat.

Five minutes after you stir the dark leafy greens into the pot, what at first seems like too many greens melts, practically disappears, into the hot beans. The vitamin-rich greens can be arugula, beet greens, mustard greens, or a mess ‘o greens mix, like the ready-to-cook Southern greens you can sometimes find at Trader Joes.  Continue Reading…

Melon Raspberry Soda Float

This super-refreshing melon raspberry soda float takes advantage of the gorgeous melons that are at their peak right now. It’s a simple easy recipe. Start with a ripe cantaloupe, scoop out a dozen or so little balls, and drop them in glasses along with scoops of bright raspberry sorbet. Top off with fizzy water and a couple of fresh raspberries. Mouthwatering, right?

Melon Raspberry Soda Float | Letty's Kitchen

Farmer’s markets and gardens are brimming with melons this time of year, so it’s easy to find flavorful sweet cantaloupes. Look for those with a fragrant melony smell, a bit of give on the vine end, a warmer yellow green hue, and heft that speaks juicy and yummy.

Melon Raspberry Soda Float | Letty's Kitchen

Cantaloupes are good for us–they contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, plus they’re a good source of vitamins A and C. Raspberry sorbet—well, it’s better for you than ice cream that’s for sure. This bubbly soda float made with fruit and sorbet is a healthy indulgence. Continue Reading…

Easy Whole Wheat Rosemary Focaccia

Focaccia is about the easiest bread you can make. Mix it for one minute, let it rise in the bowl, spread it in the pan with your fingers, and leave it to rise once more. Just before baking, poke finger holes all over, to hold puddles of olive oil. For this easy whole wheat rosemary focaccia, add chopped rosemary leaves to the dough, and, before baking, sprinkle more on top.

Easy Whole Wheat Rosemary Focaccia | Letty's Kitchen

One whiff of rosemary’s strong bouquet takes me back to a day years ago, a day I worked as a guest baker, for free, in the pastry kitchen at a famous Napa Valley Italian restaurant. I helped with desserts and got to know the kitchen and menu, but what will I remember? Picking rosemary from a parking strip.

The rosemary grew like a huge patch of weeds. It was laced with cobwebs and for sure comfortable with exhaust dust and fumes, because there it was, in a four-foot wide strip next to the street. My task was to gather a bagful, enough for the bread of the day, rosemary focaccia. Continue Reading…

Saffron Risotto with Almonds and Currants {pressure cooked, vegan}

Dreamy risotto, fragrant with bright yellow saffron spice, saffron risotto with almonds and currants is a delicious slightly exotic side dish. This recipe first appeared on Pressure Cooking Today where I’m a contributor.

Saffron Risotto with Almonds and Currants | Letty's Kitchen

I love classic risotto with its starchy creaminess and tender-firm bite. Yet, I’d always avoided risotto recipes. No matter how enticing, it seemed like too much standing at the stove was involved.

Guess what? Italian Arborio rice cooked in the pressure cooker has the same creamy risotto quality it has when cooked traditionally! No difference. What once seemed so daunting and time-consuming has become my easy and quick way to cook this special rice. Continue Reading…

Vegetarian Rice Paper Spring Rolls {vegan and gluten-free}

These vegetarian rice paper spring rolls make a playful party–everybody gets to win. You set out the healthy fillings—crisp matchstick carrots, pungent fresh herbs, crunchy lettuce, and slippery glass noodles—your guests tuck and wrap fresh veggies in softened rice paper, and dip them into flavorful peanut sauce.

Vegetarian Rice Paper Spring Rolls |Letty's KitchenMaybe you’ve enjoyed these light Vietnamese salad rolls at a restaurant or another party. But have you made them at home? When people learn how to make these fresh vegetarian rice paper spring rolls, they love it! It’s an easy interactive meal to share with friends.

Serve with the peanut sauce for sure. Offer a second sauce, such as sweet red chili sauce. Another dipping sauce option is equal parts honey and rice vinegar, seasoned simply with with hot pepper flakes and salt. Continue Reading…