Veggie Bundles with Garlic Scapes, tied with chive stems

I’m patting myself on the back for using our garlic scapes and some chive stems for a fancy dinner party. I even drove to the Salt Lake Farmer’s Market early yesterday morning and bought more goods–snap peas and asparagus, local strawberries and wild sockeye salmon. To make it easy for last minute plating for 8, I made up these little bundles. All the veggies were steamed or blanched, including scape lengths and except for the peas: 5 minutes heat and then shocked in ice water to keep their bright color and stop the cooking. Four asparagus, 3 carrot sticks, 2 scape lengths and 3 peas cut in half all admittedly painstakingly tied together with the steamed chive lengths.
When the honey-glazed salmon was about to come out of its 8 minute bake, I heated some olive oil in a 12-nch skillet, placed the bundles and poured some (pre-browned) hot butter over. I covered it for about 3 minutes and voila—they were hot and guest-worthy.

Veggie Bundles with Garlic Scapes

Veggie Bundles with Garlic Scapes

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  • Laurie Vonderahe

    They were scrumptious and so elegant on the plate!!! Reply · 21 June, 2009

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