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Hibiscus Sparkling Soda Spritzers

Blushing with cranberry-pink effervescent bubbles, these ice-cold hibiscus sparkling soda spritzers have an addictive sweet-tart flavor. Here’s your recipe for a bright, delicious and thirst-quenching non-alcoholic mocktail!

hibiscus sparkling soda spritzers with shot glass

To make hibiscus spritzers, first make a strong “tea” with magenta-red hibiscus flowers. Sweeten the tea with honey, just enough to soften the flower’s tangy sharpness. Pour a shot of the bright syrup over ice and top with fizzy water. Ta-da!

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Savory Goat Cheese Muffins with Sun-Dried Tomato and Fresh Herbs

With bits of sun-dried tomato, green herby sprinkles, and creamy goat cheese tang in every bite, these savory goat cheese muffins positively burst with bright flavors! Rustic, almost biscuit-like, they’re a winning match with steaming hot soup and a crisp green salad.

Goat Cheese muffins broken open with basket of muffins in background

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Rhubarb Cranberry Honey Chutney

Transform little ole’ unassuming rhubarb into this tangy sweet spiced rhubarb cranberry chutney. Simply simmer chunks of the tart stalks in hot sweet and sour honey syrup. For rosy pink color, mix in dried cranberries. Add cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and a pinch of red pepper to give your chutney its bright spiced flavor!

Over head shot of Rhubarb Chutney |in jars with spoons

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Homemade Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette — copycat salad dressing

Homemade Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette is an easy copycat version of a bottled salad dressing, one you buy from the store. Smoky roasted-pepper flavor and just the right amount of honey sweetness shine in both, but this one’s better—because it’s homemade, with love.

Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette in jarr with bowl of red peppers and spoon

The best thing about making your own vinaigrette is you know exactly what’s in it. It blows my mind to see sugar in almost every bottled dressing on the shelf–Arrrgh‼ Homemade salad dressings rock, especially over tossed lettuce and veggie salads.

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Salad Greens Torta with Green Onion and Cheese {gluten-free}

Wondering what to do with those mixed greens that threaten to go bad before you can eat enough salad? The easiest way is to wilt them into this unusual torta. It’s kind of like a tart, but without the crust, kind of like a frittata but made with just one egg. With a crunchy pumpkin seed topping, this gluten free salad greens torta with green onion and cheese is brilliant!

Salad Greens Torta on plate with tomato sauce and whole torta with wedge removed.

When you’ve mixed all the ingredients for this healthy torta and you’re ready to spread it in the pan, you will say to yourself, too much lettuce–what on earth is holding it together? Have faith, go with it. Baked, the torta comes out of the oven behaving like a crustless pie!

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