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Blistered Beets with Sexy Dressing, Cambozola and Toasted Pecans

Some people just don’t like beets. “They taste like dirt.” “They leave red stains on everything.” How do they know it tastes like dirt? I bet they’ve never sat down to eat a bowl of dirt.

What the aching heck? They are plain old missing out. Just like I missed out when my sisters and I wouldn’t eat the hearts of artichoke and my mother had to “suffer” and eat ours, dripping in warm butter.  I confess now that I grew up with two huge avocado trees in my back yard and guess what, I didn’t know enough to like avocado.

I like “earthy” beets. I like them roasted, boiled, raw and thinly sliced or shredded, in chocolate cake, dressed or undressed. I’m officially aiming to convert all beet haters to beet lovers with this salad–blistered beets and greens, all sexy with avocado vinaigrette, toasted pecans and Cambozola cheese.

Blistered Beets with Sexy Dressing, Cambozola and Toasted Pecans

Cambozola Cheese for blistered beet salad

Not just any cheese either. I recommend Cambozola, a creamy Italian blue, which you might describe as a cross between brie and a mild blue cheese. (Affiliate link.)

You know what a honeymoon salad is? Lettuce alone with no dressing. Giggle.

Beets in this salad are all dressed, but with sexy ingredients. At least if you believe avocado oil or walnut oil is sexy. Brown rice vinegar is exotic enough to be sexy too. Tried on beets, it could make one utter a different kind of dirty.

Fresh Thyme for blistered beet salad

Photo note June 2015: I think the salad photo is awful. I hope you make it anyway–the flavors are sexy together! I’ll make the salad one day soon and take better photos! Promise.

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  • Franklin Biggs

    Letty, another nice post and recipe. I like the honeymoon salad recipe, also!!! How is the blog working out for you? If I did a post about my niece’s 3 day wedding festival in the redwoods near Fortuna Ca, it might sound like a mad chef schlepper, trying to twist into vegan, gluten free and gluten full, carniverous, pescatarian, lactose full and lactose free…11 miles from my kitchen and running potable water. I cooked on a grill, I cooked in the coals, I cooked in a pit, I “cooked” ceviche with acid…Back and forth from kitchen to the campground. Reply · 1 October, 2013

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