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Simple Homemade Breakfast Potatoes with Onions

Hand-diced and pan-fried, homemade breakfast potatoes with a little bit of onion mixed in–these are totally yummy.  My favorite way to have them is rolled into breakfast burritos. Imagine these potatoes with onions, farm-fresh scrambled eggs, melty cheese and salsa all wrapped in a warm whole wheat tortilla. My second favorite is breakfast potatoes for dinner, with eggs. Breakfast or dinner, burrito, or with eggs your way–these homemade potatoes are the bomb!


We’ve been finding not-your-ordinary potatoes in our farm share boxes the last few weeks. Last week we got purple potatoes, which are gorgeous in purple potato and pinto bean tacos! With the red-fleshed Mountain Rose varietal from the week before, I cooked up a warming Potato Soup with leeks and garlic. This week we got Maris Piper potatoes, which I decided to turn into breakfast potatoes with onions.

Robbie’s aunt and uncle used to own a dude ranch in Wickenburg Arizona. Needless to say, they’ve served up a few farm breakfasts in their day. Not too long ago we visited them at their new home in Durango Colorado and one morning they made us eggs with diced breakfast potatoes. Those potatoes were so impressibly uniform and perfect, I marveled out loud.

Aunt Nancy pulled the box from the freezer to show me the brand! When you’re cooking breakfast potatoes for a busy dude ranch, frozen potatoes would be a good choice, a habit that even I might get into. But you know me–I’m a homemade from scratch kind of cook.

Even though these breakfast potatoes aren’t perfect little cubes, or golden brown and crunchy on all four sides, they are are super addicting. They’re best made with potatoes on the waxy side of the floury/waxy scale, like red new potatoes.

Breakfast Potatoes in the skillet

  •  This is one of the recipes we migrated over from my old blog,, a blog I started in 2009 to share recipes with fellow CSA members. I truly need to update the photo so you can virtually taste how good these potatoes are, but for now, I hope you’re encouraged to head into the kitchen to cook up a skillet of homemade breakfast potatoes.

I’m delighted you found this recipe in this obsure corner of Letty’s Kitchen. If you’re new here, welcome!

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