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Garlic and Leek Soup with Saffron

This garlic and leek soup with saffron is a variation of traditional Spanish Sopa de Ajo. Every Spanish mother has her personal twist on this soup–the gist is broth simmered with ample garlic. Typically garlic soup includes starchy rice–in this version I’ve used orzo instead.

Two entire bulbs of garlic, a pinch of saffron, and a couple whole cloves give their essence up to a pot of veggie broth. Strain and discard the garlic and you’re left with rich delicious broth you wouldn’t even guess is loaded with garlic–that’s how mellow it gets with a long simmer.

Leeks sautéed in butter or olive oil go in the soup at the same time as orzo pasta. When the pasta is done, ladle into a bowl on top of crunchy herb croutons and a sprinkle of aged sharp cheese. For a more substantial meal, you can slide a poached egg in there too.

I’ve got a similar variation on sopa de ajo, garlic and rice soup. Try both and decide which you like best.

Wishing you a fabulous week–get in the kitchen and cook yourself a bowl of hot soup!

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