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Spicy Instant Pot Chard and Pinto Bean Risotto

Under pressure, short fat Arborio rice kernels transform into delectably creamy risotto–in just 4 minutes. By adding green chiles, spicy pepper cheese, and crunchy pumpkin seeds, the Italian rice dish takes a Southwestern turn—into spicy Instant Pot chard and pinto bean risotto.

Spicy Instant Pot Chard and Pinto Bean Risotto in a bowl ready to eat| Letty's Kitchen

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Creamy Vegan Key Lime Avocado Pie

Here’s a healthier melt-in-your-mouth version of the sweet-tart American dessert, key lime pie. On top, instead of softly whipped cream or sweet meringue, this vegan key lime avocado pie flaunts a wreath of bright green kiwis. It’s a delicious and wholesome food play on the original.

overhead shot of Key Lime Avocado Pie with pieces out and slice on plate in background

Kiwi and key–the sound-alike words kept tickling my brain–how can I make a healthier and vegan key lime pie with kiwi fruit? This tart key lime pie with bright green kiwifruit, this green on green pie, is just what I imagined!

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Instant Pot Farro and Hearty Greens Soup [vegan]

This savory farro and hearty greens soup is a delicious cold weather favorite at our house. When the thermometer drops into freezing temps, it’s time for something rich and nutritious with substance in every slurp. Brrrrr to Yummm! Try this soup–you’ll love it as much as we do.

Farro and Hearty Greens Soup

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Easy Rainbow Chard Frittata

If you have eggs and leafy greens on hand, you have the beginnings of an easy and quick supper. Take for example, this rainbow chard frittata. Seasoned simply, with aromatic onions and garlic, plus salt and pepper, frittatas like this are a protein rich last minute meal, one I fall back on time and time again.

serving Rainbow Chard Frittata | Letty's Kitchen

Nutritious rainbow chard is the leafy green in this frittata. The best thing about using chard is that you can–you should–you must–use the colorful stalks as well as the leaves. The stalks add bonus flavor and color plus more vegetable volume to whatever you’re using it in, like frittatas!

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Spaghetti Squash with Chile-Spiced Pinto Beans

Alert!  This Mexican-flavored spaghetti squash with chile-spiced pinto beans causes purring noises while eating. Really. I’ve heard those contented purrs from across the dinner table! Brick-red chile-spiced beans and golden spaghetti-like strands–this is a gorgeous purr-worthy vegetarian meal.

Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Pinto Beans in patterned bowl

When cooked, the insides of the oval yellow squash can be separated with a fork into yellow strands that resemble thin spaghetti pasta. Yay for vegetable spaghetti! It’s a perfect low calorie, low carbohydrate vehicle for most any sauce you would serve with pasta. Enchilada-sauced pinto beans are my favorite way to serve spaghetti squash!

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