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Pesto Potatoes

Pesto Potatoes

Pesto Potatoes on the Grill

Earlier today at work, as I walked from a busy bakery to my office, I passed one of the savory cooks opening tubs of tofu. I notice tofu, more than I would a pot of turkey chili, because I love tofu! I notice it too, because tofu is not on the menu everyday at Deer Valley.

Before going home, I watched the same cook arrange triangles of cooked tofu, hot and emerald green with pesto, on a bed of arugula. At his urging, I helped myself to the extra piece on the back line.

Pesto Potatoes

Early Rose Potatoes

Robbie mentioned pesto potatoes this morning and he says he thought about them all day. He must have thought well, because the ones he made us for dinner were perfect. So good we ate them with our fingers.

Pesto Potatoes

Pesto Stash in random containers

Robbie grilled the Early Rose potatoes from our Ranui Gardens CSA box. For the pesto, he dipped into the stash of basil pesto  tucked away in our freezer. (Every time we’ve had basil in the box we make up a batch of pesto.)

When you cook organic potatoes, by all means scrub them and leave the skin on. The Early Rose potato has a thin and smooth skin.

Potatoes make the Dirty Dozen pesticide list, so it might be best to peel them if they have been sprayed. If you don’t know your farmer and her growing practices, ask.

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  • I adore pesto. We had it last night dotted into hollowed out cherry tomatoes. Tonight on spaghetti squash. Reply · 27 August, 2012

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