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Creamy Vegan Key Lime Avocado Pie

Here’s a healthier melt-in-your-mouth version of the sweet-tart American dessert, key lime pie. On top, instead of softly whipped cream or sweet meringue, this vegan key lime avocado pie flaunts a wreath of bright green kiwis. It’s a delicious and wholesome food play on the original.

overhead shot of Key Lime Avocado Pie with pieces out and slice on plate in background

Kiwi and key–the sound-alike words kept tickling my brain–how can I make a healthier and vegan key lime pie with kiwi fruit? This tart key lime pie with bright green kiwifruit, this green on green pie, is just what I imagined!

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one wedge slice on white plate of Lime Avocado Pie with kiwi fruit arranged on top

What ingredients do I need for vegan key lime avocado pie?


Soaked and softened raw cashews (Affiliate link) pureed with a little water becomes a creamy stand-in for dairy. This plant-based “cashew cream” always surprises me how well it works.

Coconut milk and coconut oil: (Affiliate links)

Blend the cashew “cream” with the coconut milk, coconut oil and sugar to make a remarkably similar lick-able alternative to sweetened condensed milk.


Both lime juice and lime zest give this vegan riff on key lime pie the flavor that transports you to Key West with Jimmy Buffet.


You’ll like how the avocado brings even more healthy creaminess and gives it a perfect light green tint! I learned this from Baja friends who blend an avocado into their condensed milk key lime pie.

Kiwi tips:

Ripe kiwis, like ripe avocados, must give to slight pressure. If they’re not ripe, kiwis are quite acidic–and not the best choice to eat or decorate your pie.
Kiwis take time to ripen because they’re picked when firm. To help kiwi fruit ripen faster, put them in a paper bag or a vented plastic bag along with an apple, banana, or pear. Store the bag at room temperature for 1 or 2 days.
Kiwis are super nutritious with vitamin C, potassium, and phytochemical oxidants.

When your kiwis are ripe, it’s time to make vegan key lime avocado pie! All you do is blend all the ingredients together and pour into a pre-baked crust.

The hardest part is waiting for the pie to chill–the filling needs at least 5 hours in the fridge. I recommend putting it in the freezer until it’s really set, then let it temper into slice-able creaminess. To finish, simply scoop the green kiwi out of its fuzzy brown skin, cut the ovals in half, then slice and arrange away!

collage of sliced kiwis on wooden board and sliced llimes on marble counter

*This vegan lime pie filling holds it’s shape when refrigerated, but it holds the best when the pie has been frozen first–without the kiwis. When ready to serve, temper the pie in the fridge until it’s soft enough to cut. (If the pie is super hard-frozen, tempering may take a few hours.)

Whole Key Lime Avocado Pie with kiwis arranged on top and red-handled knife

Here’s another fruity pie made creamy with cashews and sweetened with dates–this must-try strawberry ice cream pie.

Which pie crust should I use?

You have many choices! Easiest is a regular press-in graham cracker crust. To keep it vegan, use vegan margarine, like in this vegan graham cracker crust recipe. You could even use a storebought pie crust, one that’s already in the pie shell and ready for baking!

I tested this creamy key lime avocado filling with three different homemade vegan press-in crusts and here’s what I found.

  • First I made this pie with a simple two-ingredient raw almond and date crust. Everyone enjoyed the date flavor, but for me the soft texture wasn’t ideal—it was too close in texture to the filling.
  • Seeking more of a classic graham cracker essence, I tried my savory press-in whole wheat oil crust, subbing avocado oil for olive oil and adding a little coconut sugar. (Affiliate link.) (This is the crust I used in the photos.)
  • For gluten-free, try my gluten-free pecan crust made without the nutmeg. I think you’ll agree that this crust’s crunchy toasted pecan sweetness is a nice backdrop for the tang and texture of creamy kiwi lime pie.

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*** This is an updated recipe of the vegan kiwi lime pie I posted here in March 2017.


  • I love the sound of this pie, Letty! How very creative and pretty. I love that it is on the healthy side, too. Reply · 6 March, 2017

    • Thank you Aimee. I just couldn’t resist the play on words–kiwi/key! Reply · 6 March, 2017

  • Letty this pie is gorgeous! I love kiwi so much! I’m going to have to zip on over to your house and steal a slice! 🙂 Reply · 6 March, 2017

    • OK Laura, But give me some warning and I start the cashew soaking! 😉 Reply · 6 March, 2017

  • Letty, this pie is so gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of key lime pie and I love that you made a vegan interpretation of that. That pecan crust sounds perfect too! Reply · 6 March, 2017

    • Thanks Marcie. Now I haven’t compared the two next to each other, but this filling is perfectly satisfying–even for my sweet tooth! Healthified desserts are my goal and I’m beyond pleased with this one! Reply · 6 March, 2017

  • Oh I love that sneaky avocado in there! This is almost tooooo pretty to slice into, Letty! Gorgeous presentation! Reply · 6 March, 2017

    • Thank you Liz. Yup, snuck that creamy green in there alright! Reply · 6 March, 2017

  • Totally trying this for St. Pattys Day!! Love the added avocado and I’m dying to try a cashew cream based dessert! Reply · 6 March, 2017

    • Can’t wait to hear what you think Becky! Reply · 6 March, 2017

  • As a key lime pie lover, I’m both intrigued and want to balk at this rendition. I’m intrigued by the cashew cream and avocado and there is no denying how gorgeous the kiwi is on top! Reply · 7 March, 2017

    • Ahhh. Kelley–you need a tasting slice. I know you will like the changeup to your fave pie! Reply · 12 March, 2017

  • I LOVE key lime pie. I never would have thought about adding an avocado.

    Just so clever!!! Reply · 7 March, 2017

  • This is so beautiful!! I’m loving all those kiwis on top! And if something has avocado in it, I know I will love it! Reply · 7 March, 2017

    • Thank you Izzy. As a pastry chef, I would add a tiny titch of green food coloring to key lime pie filling. The filling for this vegan pie was pale as well, until I added the avocado!! Reply · 9 March, 2017

  • Such a beauty, Letty! I love how you made this vegan, and those tips on choosing kiwis are so helpful! Reply · 8 March, 2017

    • Thanks Lirin! This was a fun recipe to play with! Reply · 9 March, 2017

  • This post is so pretty and I love your clever way of veganizing this classically dairy centric recipe. Reply · 8 March, 2017

  • Pretty as pie! GREG Reply · 10 March, 2017

  • Ramona

    Can you believe I literally had a dream about a creamy kiwi avocado key lime pie? When I woke up I immediately Googled the phrase and behold this beautiful recipe came up! I have a gluten sensitivity so I’m going to try it with the pecan crust which sounds amazing even if didn’t have to avoid gluten. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m 100% sure I’m going to want this whole pie to myself! Reply · 27 April, 2019

    • That is so cool! I hope you love this pie as much as I do! Reply · 28 April, 2019

  • Maria

    This looks amazing! I’m trying to stay away from all oils. Is there a good non oil sub for coconut oil? Aquafaba? Applesauce? Reply · 9 May, 2020

    • Thank you Maria. For this particular dessert, the coconut oil is the creamy texture. I’ve not tried aquafaba in this pie, though it might turn the recipe into something more like a key lime chiffon pie. Let me know if you experiment and how it comes out. Reply · 9 May, 2020

  • Naty

    This is the most delicious pie I’ve ever made, I’ve made it for family and friends and everyone absolutely loves it! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipe! Reply · 28 July, 2020

    • Thank you Naty! I am delighted to here you love this pie! Reply · 28 July, 2020

  • I have made this for my family and everyone has been very impressed 🙂 It will definitely become one of our family’s favorite recipes. Reply · 14 March, 2023

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