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Easy Honey Hemp Bars {gluten-free}

These honey hemp bars truly sparkle with goodness. Crunchy, crispy and chewy, made with light-as-air puffed brown rice. Mix the puffed rice with buttery-rich pecans, and sesame, pumpkin and hemp seeds,and nutritious flax. These bar cookies pack a whole lot of healthy love.

honey hemp bars on parchment, mini spatula holding one barl

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Think of honey hemp bars as the love child of rice crispy treats and power bars. With air-puffed grain, six different nuts and seeds and a bit of dried fruit, each ingredient contributes to overall appeal and nutrient value. These are healthy treats!

Ingredients in Honey Hemp Bars:

  • Puffed brown rice is the main ingredient, the base for everything else. It’s the puffed rice that gives these bars their airy lightness.
  • Superfood omega fat and protein-strong hemp seeds, also called hemp hearts, give these bars their name.
  • Pecans (or walnuts) add sweetness and soft crunch.
  • Pumpkin seeds add louder crunch and sesame seeds fill in the blanks, both adding their nutritious qualities.
  • Flax meal, or ground flax seeds, help bond everything together, at the same time contributing more healthful omega fats.
  • And, for a bit of tang, dried fruit. You can use dried currants or any other dried fruit, like apricots or raisins, cut in small pieces.
  • Stir the all the puffy crunchy fruity goodies with the sweet glue that binds–a mix of warm sweet honey and date paste, a pinch of salt and a little vanilla.

***** About date paste: You can make the date paste yourself by chopping a super-moist Medjool date and smooshing it with the back of a knife. Or, if you have date nectar, use it–it’s more liquidy than date paste but works just fine.

What else can you make with these ingredients, since this recipe calls for such small amounts?

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This recipe comes from Alice Medrich’s Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cookies cookbook. (Affiliate link) Besides tempting recipes for treats with butter and sugar, there’s a mouthwatering selection of whole-grain, wheat-free and/or dairy-free bars and cookies. Nourishing gluten-free honey hemp bars are in the Chewy chapter, though these addictive little munchies could easily belong to the Crunchy or Crispy chapters.

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  • Teri Thomas

    What colorful bars! I can assure these light but tasty treats, will accompany on many spring and summer hikes and mountain bike rides. Reply · 21 April, 2015

  • You’ve inspired me. GREG Reply · 21 April, 2015

  • What a delicious way to eat healthier. Reply · 3 May, 2015

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