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Q: How can I change my favorite sea level cookie recipe? It just does not come out the same—the cookies flatten and spread?

A: Reduce the sugar by 2 tablespoons per cup of sugar. I know that sounds odd. Because of less altitudinal pressure, liquids evaporate faster and sugar becomes more concentrated. Reducing the sugar usually cures that reaction/problem.

Q: Do you get enough protein on a vegetarian diet–where does your protein come from if you don’t eat meat?

A: People that do not eat meat get plenty of protein–just count the protein in whole grains, beans, nuts and green like kale. There is plenty of information out there to prove that a high protein diet is encouraged by the producers of milk, beef and chicken.

Q: I found a brownie recipe that calls for vanilla bean paste. Is there a good substitute?

A: Yes! Substitute an equal amount of vanilla extract. If you happen to have a vanilla bean in your kitchen, scrape the little pods out and add them to the batter along with the vanilla extract.