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Amazing Orange Almond Honey Cake (gluten free)

Like orange blossom nectar to bees, the honey orange aroma draws you in. Then you feel the subtle cornmeal crunch, and moist almond flour and carrot tenderness. With its sweet honey orange glaze, this buttery gluten free orange almond honey cake will have them swarming for more.Gluten Free Orange Almond Honey Cake

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This cake reminds me of my Mom’s go-to lemon cake. Like Mom’s, you poke toothpick holes and pour warm citrus glaze on top of a warm cake. Dear Mom, we loved your lemon jello box-mix cake, and like yours, this one has everyone sneaking seconds. But that’s where we part ways—this one’s made from scratch, and delights our gluten-free friends too.

Gluten Free Orange Almond Honey Cake in pan

Last month I brought this winning dessert to a birthday party, specifically because carrot cake was the birthday boy’s favorite. The carrots and cinnamon spice complement the orange, honey, and almond essence most nicely and everyone loved this cake. It’s a rich cake—so cut thin slices. You can easily serve 16 guests.

Gluten Free Orange Almond Honey Cake

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Gluten-Free Orange Almond Honey Cake recipe notes:

  • Bake your orange almond honey cake cake in a 9- or 10-inch springform pan (affiliate link) lined with parchment paper. If you don’t have a springform, line the bottom and sides of a 2-inch tall 9-inch cake pan with parchment and refrigerate the cake after baking, before carefully removing from the pan. Let come to room temperature before serving.
  • Make this cake the day before you plan to serve it—or earlier in the day. Because there’s no wheat gluten to help bind, the cake needs to cool completely, and better yet, spend an hour in the fridge before cutting or transferring to a serving platter.

ingredients for Gluten Free Orange Almond Honey Cake

About citrus zest flavor:

  • If a recipe calls for zest, like this cake, be sure to include it. Zest, the colorful outer skin of citrus, contains essential citrus oils and makes all the difference in final flavor. (The other day I was prepping this jicama fruit salad at a friend’s house. To zest the lime, we didn’t have a decent zester, (affiliate link) only a large-hole cheese grater. She was going to skip the zesting step, thinking zest was just for color. Now she knows how important the zest is for flavor! I just ordered her a new microplane zester! Affiliate link.)
  • Honeyville brand blanched almond flour (affiliate link) works best in this cake. (They sell it at Costco. Or you can order it online via my Amazon link. Affiliate link.)

Get in the kitchen and cook something delicious! If you like this cake, you might want to try these killer gluten-free chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour. Or these cowboy cookies, also with almond flour.

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This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase products via my links, it doesn’t cost you anything and I earn a tiny commission, which helps me continue to provide free content here on Letty’s Kitchen. Thank you!!

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  • Juanita

    Such a flavorful cake! Thanks for the recipe. mmmmmmm! Reply · 12 May, 2016

    • Ahh Juanita, now I remember sharing the testers with you!! Reply · 13 May, 2016

  • I love these casual (read frostless) cakes. It’s a really pretty cake too. GREG Reply · 12 May, 2016

    • If it’s not frosted you can eat it for breakfast too, right? Reply · 13 May, 2016

  • Lindsay

    The recipe reads delicious! Do you think the cake would turn out of a mold easily (hold its shape)? I have a honeycomb cake mold that I would like to use but want to make sure the finished product isn’t overly delicate.
    Thanks much! Reply · 25 September, 2017

    • Hi Lindsay,
      I too am concerned that it might not hold its shape when turned out of mold. It is a light cake. If your mold is one of those pull apart ones, where in the end each person gets a portion, then I’d say no–it won’t work. If its a one piece with just deco on top, then I would try spraying the pan into all crevices, and dusting with almond flour very diligently. Make sure there is no place the almond flour does not stick–if so spray and dust there again. Be sure to chill the cake before inverting it–as in the notes for a cake molded in a 9-inch cake pan. Let me know how it goes! Reply · 25 September, 2017

      • Lindsay

        Thanks for the quick reply, it’s so appreciated! My mold is silicone and not rigid so I’m thinking I won’t risk it. I’ll definitely give the recipe a go in a reg pan. Thanks again for being responsive and for the recipe! Reply · 26 September, 2017

  • Looks fantastic! I want to make this today but I do not want to go to the store. Do you think I can use oat flour as a replacement for almond? Everything else is on hand. Reply · 9 May, 2020

    • Hi Tammy, If oats are all I had and I really wanted to make this cake, I think I’d give it a try. I can’t guarantee success but, hey, you never know! I hear you on not wanting to go to the store. Do you have any whole almonds? Reply · 9 May, 2020

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