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Jicama Fruit Salad with Cilantro and Lime

Bright white crunchy jicama and tropical pineapple, orange and mango, this juicy jicama fruit salad with cilantro and lime dances with mouthwatering flavor!

Jicama Fruit Salad with Cilantro and Lime

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A tropical fruit salad with vegetable and herb surprises! This salad showcases jicama, the delightful crisp and slightly sweet vegetable, cut into small lengths.

Mix the jicama with pineapple chunks, orange sections, and cubes of mango, and stir in a simple mix of lime juice and zest plus agave syrup. Little bits of cilantro gives it the herby emerald sparkle.

Jicama, Cilantro and Lime, mango orange and pineapple on wooden board

What’s in this salad–the details:

Starring jicama, of course:

  • Jicama (HEE-kah-ma) is a crunchy vegetable with rough brown skin and crisp juicy sweet white flesh. It looks kind of like a large oval potato.
  • Jicama is an excellent source of Vitamin C and boasts a significant amount of gut-healthy prebiotic fiber.
  • Sometimes at the grocery checkout, the cashier asks me about the big unfamiliar brown turnip-looking vegetable I’m buying. If I could, I’d cut into the jicama right then and there and offer them a bite. I want everyone to know jicama’s surprising crisp texture and mild sweet taste.

Oranges–how to cut orange sections:

Choose 2 oranges and cut out sections so there is no white pith. The sections are known as “supremes.” To cut supremes from oranges, slice away the tops and bottoms of the oranges and stand them top sides up. Slice away the peel following the orange’s contour, completely removing the outside white pith as well as the orange peel. Remove the segments by cutting between the fruit and the membrane. Discard any seeds and save the juice in a separate bowl. 

Jicama Fruit Salad with Cilantro and Lime cutting supremes of oranges

Mangoes–you’ll need two for this recipe.

Mango varieties are many. Americans are probably most familiar to the oval round shaped mangoes available in winter. These are fairly easy to cut and the ones I used for this recipe. Here’s a video showing how to cut those.

In summer you might find the Ataulfo varietal, smaller with the oblong flat shape. Here’s a video on how to cut a juicy Ataulfo mango.

You’ll need a half of a pineapple for this fruit salad.

  • To cut the pineapple, slice off the top and bottom, and then stand the pineapple up. Following the curve of the pineapple, slice away the thick prickly skin, cutting deep enough so most of the “eyes” are trimmed away.
  • Cut the pineapple lengthwise in half and then into quarters. Slice off and discard the tough core. Chop two of the quarters into chunks about 1/2″ big, and save the rest to make tempeh and pineapple kebabs!


Jicama is even more delicious with a sparkle of lime and this recipe uses both the juice and zest of two limes. “Zesting” citrus is super easy with a microplane zester. If you don’t already own a microplane zester, buy one asap! You need this tool! Really! Find simple zesters at your local kitchenware store or where you buy your kitchen tools.


Did you know that cilantro is basil and mint’s cousin? It must be the family resemblance that works, because cilantro is a wonderful counterpoint to the agave sweetened citrus juices and fruit. (If you are one who loathes cilantro, you can easily substitute basil or mint for the cilantro in this salad.)

Jicama Fruit Salad with Cilantro and Lime

Once you have all the fruit and jicama cut and in a bowl, whisk chopped cilantro and agave syrup (or honey) with the orange and lime juices. Enjoy for days.

This jicama fruit salad beautifully complements Mexican and Southwestern food. Try it with these vegetarian chard enchiladas with red chile sauce.

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This is an update of a recipe I posted in 2015.


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    • Letty

      thanks Greg. I’ve got that bug too. Where are we going next? Reply · 21 February, 2015

  • Kelly

    Made it today, much needed citrus hit on this chilly March 1st in Kansas! Reply · 1 March, 2015

    • Letty

      Thanks Kelly. I hope you and your eaters enjoyed the salad! Reply · 2 March, 2015

  • Brittany

    I traded out yellow peppers for the oranges. Delicious! Reply · 22 February, 2019

    • Awesome Brittany! Way to use what you have creatively! Reply · 22 February, 2019

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