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Skillet Roasted Curried Cashews

Skillet roasted curried cashews are a good-for-you crunchy addictive snack you can make in ten minutes AND, this is big–without turning on the oven! How hot is it where you are?

Skillet Roasted Curried Cashews
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Curry roast these treats outside on a Coleman stove if you want, or stovetop in an air-conditioned kitchen. Besides a burner, you need a cast iron skillet and a wooden spoon. Well, maybe a hot pan holder.

Medium heat please. Get that skillet hot while you mix curry powder, maple syrup, and a bit of avocado oil with tamari soy sauce. Dump raw cashews into the skillet, and begin stirring with your wooden spoon.

Skillet Roasted Curried Cashews in skillet

Move the buttery kidney-shaped nuts over and around—constantly–for about 8 minutes. Listen to a good foodie podcast while you stir until the cashews take on golden color on the flatter sides and edges.

Are you ready for the sizzle? Turn off the heat and splash in the curry slurry, stirring, stirring. The liquid dissipates in a sizzle, leaving nothing but salty spicy slightly sweet cashews. Just like that.

You’ll want to keep moving the nuts around another 4 minutes or so while the pan temperature cools. Also, the newly curried cashews will try their darnedest to stick together. Fine. Let them. When they’ve cooled down completely, break them apart with your wooden spoon.

As the cook, feel free to munch one or 5 curried cashews before putting a bowl out for everyone else. When I made these yesterday I ate way too many, by the spoonful, directly from the skillet. Bad me. I did say these are addicting, right?

Skillet Roasted Curried Cashews with cocktail

Skillet Roasted Curried Cashews recipe details:

  • Tamari soy sauce is slightly thicker, richer, less salty, and all around smoother on the tongue than regular soy sauce. Umami loaded tamari soy sauce is available wheat-free.
  • You can leave out the maple syrup, though I think you’ll find the sweet aspect is part of the prize. What the heck, you could even leave out the curry. Then you would have tamari roasted cashews, like tamari roasted almonds. No, keep the curry, turmeric is good for you.

How to use skillet roasted curried cashews:

  • Serve with ice cold beverages, spirited or not. Tequila Mojitos anyone?
  • Toss them in salads and stir fries.
  • Make tamari deviled eggs and garnish with curried cashews.
  • Put them in a jar with a bow and take them as a hostess gift.

Make it a fabulous week–get out of the kitchen and cook outside!

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  • Would another nut or seed work for this? Reply · 6 July, 2017

    • Yes! Almonds for sure. Sunflower seeds too. Thanks Caron! Reply · 6 July, 2017

      • Thanks, Letty! I have only recently learned about the cashew shelling process. I have let go of them since then. So I am delighted to have alternatives! Reply · 6 July, 2017

  • Also, I forgot to mention, I love your Jump Directly to Recipe button! Reply · 6 July, 2017

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