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Easy Pan-Roasted Tamari Almonds

Stir them ‘til they’re toasted, and then sizzle tamari soy sauce into the hot pan. That’s it, done. Let’s make a batch of easy pan-roasted tamari almonds and watch the game while we munch on this delicious crunch. Now, please remind me who’s playing.

Easy Pan-Roasted Tamari Almonds

Tamari almonds are about the healthiest most satisfying snack you can eat, particularly when you’re craving something salty. Almonds are rich in healthy fats and they’re a good source of protein and fiber, not to mention magnesium and vitamin E.

Pan-roasted tamari almonds are better because they’re homemade. The nuts are fresher, and, when roasted at home, tamari almonds are a far sight cheaper than the ones you buy from bulk bins. And you know exactly how they’re made.
Are you asking what’s with me and tamari lately? I mean, last week I posted a recipe for dreamy tahini tamari sauce. The recipe before that was for hot and sour miso soup–yes, seasoned with tamari soy sauce. Must be tamari’s fermented salty sweet umami taste that keeps me coming back.

Tamari is high-quality Japanese soy sauce. It’s darker, and slightly thicker than regular soy sauce, with richer, less salty flavor, all around smoother on the tongue. It’s available wheat-free, which is great if you are gluten-intolerant–be sure to check the label.

Easy Pan-Roasted Tamari Almonds

Today’s tamari toasted almonds start with a teensy bit of olive oil in the pan. The oil gives the nuts a bit of shine and helps the tamari stick to the toasted almonds. Know that you don’t have to use the oil–often, I don’t. But I always roast the nuts in the pan—why bother turning on the oven?

Enliven any nut or seed with tamari, following the same pan-roast method. These easy pan-roasted tamari almonds are a variation of my tamari roasted sunflower seeds and cashews—recipe here.

Serve deviled eggs at your Super Bowl party and I’ll root for your team. Especially if you top your egg with a roasted tamari almond, like these! 😉

May the best team win next Sunday. Until then, have an awesome week. Get in the kitchen and cook something wonderful.

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  • kathryn deckert

    Even before you wrote your comment about you and tamari, I asked myself what’s up with Letty and tamari!! Still love getting your recipes and writings and pictures. I have only one question – when is the Super Bowl???? Reply · 30 January, 2016

    • LOL! I don’t know who’s playing but it’s next Sunday! Reply · 30 January, 2016

  • Still on my new year cleanse but when I’m done, almonds!! This is what I miss the most. Reply · 30 January, 2016

    • Good on you for a cleanse. One month and then you get the almonds? Reply · 30 January, 2016

  • I keep running out of tamari because I keep find more and more delicious ways to use it. I should probably set a bottle aside for the multiple batches of almonds I need to make. GREG Reply · 30 January, 2016

    • Tamari–a big bottle is good to find. Reply · 31 January, 2016

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