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How to Make a Matcha Oat Milk Latte

What’s frothy, pale green, and loaded with energizing goodness? A matcha oat milk latte! Here’s how to make them barista-style, without an espresso machine, at home, with just 3 ingredients!

clear glass mug of green foamy hot matcha oat milk latte

If you’re looking for a clean stimulating buzz that lasts longer than coffee and doesn’t let you down like coffee, try matcha. Matcha tea contains caffeine but it doesn’t give you the jitters. A matcha latte gives you that energy boost without the crash.

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When I first got my electric frother, I started out making coffee lattes. Easy! Just insert the frother into a cup of hot milk and in 30 seconds it foams to twice the volume. Pour that into your coffee.

Then I moved on to matcha lattes. It’s a similar deal, except you mix a little of the hot milk with the matcha powder, along with some hot water and a little maple syrup. Use the milk frother to whip that into voluminous green foam, then pour the luscious foam into a mug of hot oat milk.

foaming matcha latte in a measuring cup using a green handheld milk frother.

I’ve got a serious case of milk frother love and I want to share with you what I’ve learned about matcha.

What is matcha?

Matcha powder is simply very finely ground pure green tea leaves specially processed to yield a fine quality tea powder. Tea plants for matcha tea grow under shade, which boosts the plant’s chlorophyll, which gives matcha its bright green color.

Matcha has awesome “good for you” health benefits:

  • Because of its chlorophyll intensity, matcha tea is a natural detoxifier and liver-cleanser.

What does matcha tea taste like?

Matcha flavor has been described as grassy and vegetal. Depending on quality and freshness, the taste can vary. Higher quality matcha might have a buttery mellow green tea essence, while a chalky decidedly bitter matcha usually indicates lower quality. Also, the fresher the matcha the mellower the taste, so it’s important to keep matcha powder in an airtight container away from light and heat.

Which is better for lattes, ceremonial grade or culinary grade matcha?

  • Highest quality “ceremonial-grade” matcha is used in Japanese tea ceremony, an elaborate meditative ritual of preparing, serving, and drinking matcha tea. A quality ceremonial grade matcha might be of single origin or a blend of hand-picked first harvest leaves.
  • Lesser “culinary-grade” tea blends are used in foods like mochi rice cakes, soba noodles, green tea ice cream, and coffee shop matcha lattes.
  • Ceremonial or culinary, there’s no industry standard for rating matcha–its quality can be all over the map. Bottom line, know your matcha source and for drinking, buy best quality.

Bottom line–be sure your matcha powder:

  • Has vibrant green color.
  • Is from Japan.
  • Was stone ground, not mechanically ground.
pouring matcha foam into mug of hot oat milk with green milk frother in foreground

Why choose oat milk over other plant-based alternatives for matcha lattes?

You can make matcha lattes with any plant-based alternative or dairy milk. You can also make your own vegan alternatives to dairy milk, but here I’m talking about the processed readily available plant-based milks. (So you can sweeten your latte to your taste, choose an unsweetened variety.)

  • For vegan matcha lattes, I like oat “milk” for its neutral flavor and milky texture. Oat milks contain oil and it’s the oil component that makes creamy rich frothy lattes.
  • Chobani Oat is our favorite, particularly their plain extra creamy. (Just my opinion—I’m not paid to say that.) Oatly is another popular brand of oat milk and they sell a barista blend with a bit more oil, 3% compared to 2%. With no added stabilizers or gums, Calafia makes probably the cleanest oatmilk. Alternatively, you could make your own oat milk.
  • If the coffee shop that doesn’t offer oat milk, soy beverage is my next choice for good foam.
  • IMHO–Almond milk’s more watery quality doesn’t make tasty lattes, never mind the lack of foaming ability. Coconut milk even more so. I’ve never tried hemp, pea, or other nut milks for lattes.
  • Green milk for a green latte? You could make your matcha latte even a brighter green with pistachio milk, especially if you make it yourself and peel the darker skins before soaking the nuts. For a pretty penny you can buy pistachio milk online.

For good voluminous foam, you’ll want to use either an electric frother, a hand-held blender, or a bamboo matcha whisk. I’ve had a couple of different frothers. My first milk frother was from Zulay kitchen (affiliate link)–inexpensive and does the job. This USB rechargeable Golde Superwhisk whips a wonderful milk froth–the best!

What if you don’t have an electric milk frother?

Options to make latte foam:

* Hand-blender option: In the 2-cup measuring cup, insert the hand-held blender. Whir away. Works like a charm.
* A matcha tea bamboo whisk (affiliate link) is the traditional tool to make matcha foam. I enjoyed this video showing how to care for and use a bamboo whisk.
* If you don’t care about latte foam but you’re looking for matcha energy and health benefits, try a regular whisk or put everything in a jar and give it a vigorous shaking.
* Frother or no frother, so you don’t end up with green lumps, it’s important to first mix the green matcha powder with a little hot water and oat milk. Without a frother, do that with the back of a spoon.

I hope I’ve talked you into making yourself a matcha oat milk latte—with an inexpensive milk frother they’re so easy. You’ll love this maple syrup sweetened energizing beverage, hot or cold!

French jelly jar with iced matcha oat milk latte with spiral spoon in cup

How do you make an iced matcha oat latte?

For an iced matcha latte, mix the matcha powder with a little hot water and maple syrup. Use your milk frother to mix that with cold milk and whip into a gentle foam. Pour over ice. If you don’t have a milk frother, you can blend the milk, matcha and maple syrup in your stand or hand-held blender, and then pour over ice. Know that iced matcha lattes won’t have as much foam as a latte made with hot milk.

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