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Chard and Chickpeas with Avocado Sauce

Quick and simple to make, chard and chickpeas with avocado sauce showcases Ready in less than thirty minutes–simply sauté chard and garlic, stir in chickpeas, and top with a quick and easy creamy blender sauce made with avocado, lime, and garlic.

Chard and Chickpeas with Avocado Sauce

Chickpeas are the versatile bean with two different names. Same, same, but different. Call them chickpeas or garbanzo beans, they’re one and the same.

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Tangy Red Wine Tomato Salad Dressing

This homemade red wine herb vinaigrette gets its bright tang from a tomato-y vegetable juice like V8 juice. You can season the mix with fresh or dried herbs, your choice. Your beautiful salad greens will thank you for dressing them so tastefully!!

red wine herb vinaigrette in pitcher with bottle of dressing in background verticle shot

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Dairy Free Chocolate Profiteroles

Imagine… Luscious scoops of ice cream tucked into crisp golden pastry shells and dripping with warm chocolate sauce. A simple yet elegant dessert–chocolate profiteroles!

Three Chocolate Profiteroles on a rectangular white plate

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Red Lentil Confetti Salad (Vegan)

Fresh green herbs, sweet red pepper, crisp cucumber, and pungent purple onion, all tossed together with tender red lentils and a simple red wine vinaigrette–drumroll please. This colorful red lentil confetti salad is a winner!

Red Lentil Confetti Salad in white bowl ready to serve

Serve this salad cold, as a side dish to complement the rest of a meal. Or spoon the confetti-like mix of veggies and red lentils on a bed of crisp salad greens. With its protein punch, make it your main meal!

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Tempeh and Kale Soba Noodle Bowl with Lemon Tahini Sauce

Emerald green kale, a swirl of delicate earthy soba noodles, and golden sautéed cubes of tempeh, all drizzled with a simple creamy sauce, this soba noodle and kale bowl with crispy tempeh and lemon tahini sauce makes a nourishing meal you can serve cold or at room temperature.

Soba Noodles, Kale, Tempeh and quinoa in a wooden bowl with Tahini Sauce on the side

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