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Spicy Sweet Potato Tacos with Arugula and Avocado Crema

Chile-sauced sweet potatoes, peppery arugula, goat cheese, and tangy avocado crema–tuck all these into soft warm corn tortillas for a delicious taco meal. Sweet, salty, bitter, smoky, and spicy, these spicy sweet potato tacos deliver rich mole flavor!

closeup of tacos in holder and bowl of with avocado crema

The base of these tacos are tender oven-roasted sweet potato chunks simply seasoned with spicy brick-red chile spice. To serve, spoon the spiced sweet potatoes into warm corn tortillas, then top with chopped arugula leaves and goat cheese crumbles. Finish with a big drizzle of this amazing avocado lime sauce! Yum!

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How to Make a Focaccia Garden

Soft and wondrously chewy olive oil focaccia is the easiest bread in the world to make, and it’s a perfect blank canvas for vegetable and herb floral designs.  These edible art pieces are so cool I just had to decorate and bake a whole wheat version and show you how to make your own focaccia garden.

closeup photo of baked fanicful focaccia garden

Edible bouquets and breadscapes, focaccia bread art has become a trendy project during this year’s stay-at-home times. May this post encourage you into the kitchen to try your hand at baking a focaccia garden!

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Black Rice and Pea Shoot Salad with Tamari Roasted Cashews

Exotic nutritious black rice and curly jade green pea shoots, with bright carrot slivers, green onions, and tamari-roasted cashews, all tossed in a zesty dressing of lime juice and toasted sesame oil–you are going to love love love this vibrant black rice and pea shoot salad!
Black Rice and Pea Shoot Salad on a white rectangle plate, ready to serve

Important! If pea shoots aren’t coming your way, no problem, just substitute snow peas that you’ve cut in thin slivers. Snow peas or pea shoots, you must make this hearty salad!

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Homemade Maple Chai Bubble Tea {vegan}

This maple chai bubble tea tastes like heaven from a straw! Made with brewed cinnamon-spiced chai tea and almond milk and sweetened with maple syrup, it looks like a milky-tan iced latte with little dark brown bubbles floating in the bottom. The bubbles have a pleasant soft chewy texture–fun to roll around on your tongue! Here’s how to make healthy and vegan homemade bubble tea.

Maple Chai Bubble Tea in round glasses with straws.

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Traditional Tacos with Tofu “Hamburger”

These traditional tacos with tofu “hamburger” are meatless, but the fillings crumbly texture and taco spice tastes, looks, and feels a whole lot like cooked ground beef. Except it’s made with tofu! Tuck into corn tortillas and garnish with your favorite taco fixings.

Traditional Tacos with Tofu “Hamburger” | Letty's Kitchen plated ready to eat with garnishes on back plate

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