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Thank you for respecting the energy I put into each post and each recipe. The recipes, text and photos on this website are the property of Letty Flatt.

I appreciate when you share with care. What does that mean? It means don’t copy and post verbatim. And if you got the idea from me–create a link to my original page, recipe, or photo—and tell your readers how I inspired you.


The truth is maintaining a blog costs money. There are design and website costs, photography equipment and a new countertop in the kitchen. (The countertop is on my wish list.)

If you enjoy what I create here at lettyskitchen, you can provide support by shopping through my Amazon link.

If you buy via my Amazon link, I earn a small commission. If you buy through my Amazon link and it does not add anything your price.

No matter what, when I recommend tools, books and products and link them to Amazon, it’s because I like them, or I own them and use them. My opinions and reviews are strictly mine, meaning no one pays me cash to say good things about their stuff.

Every once in a while companies will send me products to test or use. When that happens and I write about it, I will tell you that the products were sent to me. Again, I only write about products I believe in–the opinions I offer are mine, and not those of the company.

I may be paid to develop a recipe using a particular product—and if the recipe is paid (sponsored), I will tell you. I won’t work for a company unless I believe in their product and use it myself.

I include advertisements on my site–you see those ads in the sidebars. Advertisers most often pay per page view, so if you like what you find here, keep reading.

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