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Summer Savory and Garlic Salt

Featuring a not-so-common herb, this summer savory and garlic salt is absolutely wonderful sprinkled on fresh sliced tomatoes, and lightly steamed green beans. Packaged in a cute jar, this homemade salt also makes a welcome gift.

Summer Savory and Garlic Salt | Letty's Kitchen


My friend Teri religiously listens to The Splendid Table on NPR radio. Knowing I’m always looking for fun and easy recipes using the fresh herbs we find in our farm share box, she recommended a Splendid Table broadcast about Sally Schneider’s Tuscan Herb Salt. This summer savory and garlic salt is a riff on Ms. Schneider’s Tuscan herb salt.

Summer savory and garlic salt is super easy to make. You pulse the garlic in a food processor, and mix in the salt and summer savory. Transfer onto a baking sheet and let dry a few days in open air. Use it to season vegetables, eggs, pasta, or whatever you want. Follow this easy method to make any flavor herb salt you wish.

Summer Savory and Garlic Salt:

  • I use Kosher Flake Real Salt in this recipe. I love to season with Real Salt, for its sweet (as opposed to bitter) taste, its slight pink color, with calico flecks of brown and grey from the extra minerals. And for the fact that Real Salt is mined in Redmond Utah, in the center of this state. It comes to us unrefined, with more than 60 trace minerals intact. It is not processed by heat nor does it come from a huge industrial plant that makes sodium chloride mainly for fertilizer and de-icing.
  • My pantry includes some specialty “finishing” salts. Like Australian Murray River flake salt, which is fantastic on fresh vegetables. To dress up potatoes and eggs, I like to sprinkle them with black truffle salt.

More about salt:

  • Is all salt–table salt, kosher salt, flake salt, rock salt and sea salt nothing more than NaCl, sodium chloride? Technically and chemically yes, salt is salt, but I’d like to convince you that when it comes to seasoning with, and enjoying it, there is much more to salt.
  • Several years ago I was lucky to attend a salt tasting workshop in Portland, Oregon with “selmelier” Mark Bitterman. We tasted more than 20 salts in the workshop, including Japanese flaked salt evaporated over fire, fine delicate grey salt skimmed from the sea and evaporated by the sun, and pink rock salt mined in Pakistan. We learned how geography, environment (terroir), and production methods affect salt’s crystal shape, its flavor, color, and mineral makeup.
  • In his book, Salted: A Manifesto on the World’s Most Essential Mineral, with Recipes (affiliate link), Bitterman explains how and why and to appreciate salt’s diversity, especially when it comes to the kitchen. He details the craft and history of salt, with sidebars about our sense of taste, and the science of salt. He discusses salt’s relationship to our body, and the iodization of salt.

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ingredients for Summer Savory and Garlic Salt | Letty's Kitchen

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  • Lovely. You know, I really didn’t know this about salt until fairly recently. I have fallen in love with a red salt from Hawaii that someone brought to me. It has a way of making the other flavors pop. Great recipe. Reply · 21 August, 2012

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