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Healthy Sun Basket Organic Meals

A couple of years ago a friend turned me onto meal subscription plans—a service with illustrated recipe cards and all the necessary ingredients to turn you into a clever chef. We’re talking easy-to-prepare almost gourmet meals that arrive at your doorstep every week. I wrote about the pros and cons of the Blue Apron plan here. Not long ago, Robbie and I sampled a week of Sun Basket organic meals. Opening the box I felt like the birthday girl all over again. I must say, meal plan services rock for easy and inspired cooking!

Udon noodle bowl from Healthy Sun Basket Organic Meals.

Raise of hands, please. How many people resolved to cook more at home, to eat more plant-based meals, or just eat more consciously this year? How’s it going?

Here on the blog, my goal is to inspire you into the kitchen through tempting wholesome vegetarian and healthy-ish dessert recipes. You have to do the shopping though. My pantry and fridge are crammed with possibilities and I have more recipe ideas than time to test and write, so I really don’t need a weekly box of meals, but if I were craving new cooking motivation, kick-in-the-kitchen creative recipes, I’d be subscribing to one of these plans. No doubt about it.

There are dozens of meal kit services to choose from. I’ve tried two, Blue Apron, and now Sun Basket. There’s Hello Fresh, Plated, Martha’s (yes, her), PeachDish, the plant-based Purple Carrot, and so on. All the meals cost more or less $20 to $27—that’s for 2 people, delivered. Just Google meal subscription services and you’ll get a ton of information.

Box of ingredients for healthy Sun Basket organic meals

All these make-it-yourself meals read like mouthwatering restaurant menus, with imaginative ingredients you might not discover on your own. Except for salt and pepper and olive oil, everything you need for the recipes are in the box, so you don’t end up with barely-used exotic vinegars and spices.

What drew me to Sun Basket is their organic non-GMO seasonal farm-to-table philosophy, with nutritious vegetarian, paleo, and gluten-free options, and for omnivores, a menu called “Chef’s Choice.” You choose which meal plan from their easy-to-navigate website. If you want to make yourself hungry, check out what’s cooking the next 3 weeks. A weekly box contains the fixings for 3 meals, or there’s a “Rise and Shine” option, with 2 dinners and 2 quick and easy breakfasts, nice if you think you might only home-cook 2 dinners that week.

I liked the sound of Sun Basket’s plan so much that, even before I tried it, I signed up to be an affiliate, which means I get paid a small commission when someone subscribes to their service. Sun Basket then sent me a box to try.

Veggie Burger fixings from Sun Basket organic meals

Of course I chose the vegetarian menu. We made a Japanese-theme udon noodle bowl with roasted butternut squash–delicious. Another night we tried Hodo Soy tofu burgers with sweet chile mayonnaise, oven fries, and a carrot slaw.

Our third meal was roasted acorn squash with grapes, goat cheese, and quinoa the next. Talk about inventive, I mean who’d a thunk it, grapes with acorn squash? Each meal was incredibly flavorful and super easy to put together. How much time? They say allow 35 minutes start to finish, and we came pretty close.

Hodo soy tofu burger with sweet chile mayonanaise and oven fries from healthy Sun Basket organic meals

To seal the deal, all the meal delivery services I researched offer some sort of discount for first timers. Sun Basket organic meals offers 3 free meals with your first purchase. If you resolved to cook more at home and have fallen by the wayside, try a meal kit service. They’ll motivate you into the kitchen and I promise you’ll learn something new each week.

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As mentioned, I’m a Sun Basket affiliate. When you purchase the plan through my link, it doesn’t cost you anything and I earn a small commission, which helps me continue to provide free content here on Letty’s Kitchen. Thank you!!

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