December 7, 2013

Chocolate Vegan Truffles

120613finalTruffles. Little round toothsome candies. Of chocolate, cream and sometimes butter.

Most of the time, but not today. These nibbles are dairy free, and made with only three ingredients, chocolate, coconut and raisins, and rolled in cocoa powder or unsweetened coconut flakes. Vegan and pretty much non-perishable, so shelf stable you can ship them to the tropics without a meltdown.

rsz_120613vegantruffleingChocolate and cream truffles, christened so because, when they’re is rolled in cocoa they bear resemblance to the really expensive savory ones, the rare black fungus routed out near the roots of trees by dogs and pigs.

The savory ones—I’m pretty sure I haven’t met enough of the $55 to $125 an ounce variety to fall in love. The “truffle” I get to taste is truffle oil, liberally over-served. The word ‘truffle’ in menu descriptions must sell. In soup, on salad, over pizza–wasted on me. The smell is not even pleasant. Give me the chocolate ones.

120613 choc


Good quality truffle salt—now that’s hard to overdo. I recommend a sprinkle of black truffle salt on warm roasted baby red potatoes. Hmmm? Would a chocolate truffle hinting of black truffle salt fall into the category of exotic, like wasabi, chile and curry chocolate truffles?

120613rolledDeer Valley bakery makes all kinds of chocolate truffles and I’ve enjoyed plenty. You know, just a bite to see if they’re good. Just another to make sure. Frozen nibbles, on a trip to the freezer to get something else. Peanut Butter. Margarita white chocolate, finished with a pinch of salt, milk chocolate and cranberry, or dark chocolate with rum, Kahlua or Grand Marnier.  See what I mean? Like potato chips, bet you can’t eat just one.


I’ve backed off the butter and sugar now that I’m not going to the bakery every day. Sugar was always fingertips away. Hungry and busy? Pop a truffle into your mouth…A vegan truffle.


Chocolate Vegan Truffles

6 ounces dark chocolate (55 to 65% cacao)

6 tablespoons virgin coconut oil (see note)

1 ¼ cups (5 ounces) dark raisins

Cocoa powder, as needed

Unsweetened coconut flakes, as needed

Place chocolate and coconut oil in the top of a double boiler, over gently boiling water; the upper pan should not touch the water. When the chocolate and coconut oil are melted, remove from the heat. Stir to mix. Set aside.

Place the raisins in another bowl and cover with warm water. Let sit 15-20 minutes to moisten well. Drain. In a food processor puree the raisins with the chocolate/coconut oil until the raisins have broken down. Stop and scrape the bowl couple of times. Cover and let sit at room temperature until the mixture is firm.

Drop by rounded teaspoons or with #100 scoop onto a plate. Roll into rough balls quickly and gently between your palms.

Dump cocoa powder and coconut flakes into separate bowls. Five or so at a time, drop the truffles into the bowls. Jiggle so the truffles move around and are coated with the coconut or cocoa.

Makes about 30 truffles.

Note: Be sure to use virgin coconut oil. Some coconut oils have a more pronounced coconut flavor. I have heard that Trader Joe’s coconut oil is one of those.

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