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Golden Beets with Black Beans and Dried Cherries

Earthy smoky black beans simmered with dried cherries, together with golden roasted beets, sautéed greens, and tender nutty brown rice, make for a colorful brightly flavored feast— golden beets with black beans.

Golden Beets with Black Beans and Cherries

The black beans and tart cherry combo is a wink and a nod to feijoada, the Brazilian national dish, a rich black bean stew with smoked meats and tangy orange. I’m sure this meatless mix of smoky black beans and sweet-tart fruit is a far cry from feijoada, which I’ve never had. Inspired, but not the real thing.

Don’t you love the vibrant orange roasted beets in contrast to the black beans and cherries? Golden beets are mellower in intensity than red beets and tend to taste a little less earthy, so they’re an easier sell to “beet-avoiding eaters.” The rest of us, well, bring on the beets! Continue Reading…

Skillet Roasted Curried Cashews

Skillet roasted curried cashews are a good-for-you crunchy addictive snack you can make in ten minutes AND, this is big–without turning on the oven! How hot is it where you are?

Skillet Roasted Curried Cashews

Curry roast these treats outside on a Coleman stove if you want, or stovetop in an air-conditioned kitchen. Besides a burner, you need a cast iron skillet and a wooden spoon. Well, maybe a hot pan holder.

Medium heat please. Get that skillet hot while you mix curry powder, maple syrup, and a bit of avocado oil with tamari soy sauce. Dump raw cashews into the skillet, and begin stirring with your wooden spoon. Continue Reading…

Brown Rice Mustard Green Pilaf with Orange, Olives, and Peanuts

Mustard greens, like beer and coffee, are an acquired taste. I mean, when I was 10 years old, all cooked bitter greens were bad news. Was it that way for you? Where along the line of growing up do we learn to savor pungent leafy greens, to appreciate a dish like this brown rice mustard green pilaf with orange, olives, and peanuts?

Brown Rice Mustard Green Pilaf with Orange, Olives, and Peanuts

The balance of sweet-tart citrus, salty green olives, crunchy peanuts, and peppery mustard greens with nutty brown rice is something I find completely irresistible. I hope you do too. Continue Reading…

Incredible Black Rice and Pea Shoot Salad with Tamari Roasted Cashews

Sharing center stage–exotic dark black rice and a unique jade green veggie. Supporting players–bright orange carrots, green onions, and tamari-roasted cashews. The finishing sparkle–a zesty dressing of lime juice, sesame oil, and tamari. You can count on 5-star reviews for this striking nutritious and delicious black rice and pea shoot salad.

Black Rice and Pea Shoot Salad | Letty's Kitchen

A tangle of the crunchy sweet pea shoots in our CSA farm share box introduced me to this delicate playful green. Until then, I’d never thought to snip and savor the young leafy tips and tendrils that climb a snow pea trellis. Yet pea shoots have been an Asian staple for ages–Chinese cooks call them “mustaches of the dragon.” Pea shoot tendrils do kind of twist like the ends of a mustache, don’t they? If pea shoots aren’t coming your way, chop up some snow peas instead.

Continue Reading…

Spicy Vegetarian Mole Tacos with Arugula and Goat Cheese

Soft corn tortillas filled with mole-sauced sweet potatoes, arugula, goat cheese, and tangy avocado crema—these vegetarian mole tacos are a happy mouthful of flavor diversity. Sweet, salty, bitter, smoky, and spicy–lip smacking goodness in every bite!

Sweet potato, arugula, goat cheese Vegetarian Mole Tacos

These tacos begin with tender chunks of grilled sweet potato tossed in chile chocolate mole sauce. Spoon the brick-red-sauced sweet potatoes into warm corn tortillas, and top with chopped arugula leaves and goat cheese crumbles. Finish with a big drizzle of avocado lime sauce. Continue Reading…