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Spicy Peach and Tomato Salsa

Bursting with color, spiced with green chiles, red onion, cilantro, and tangy sweet with honey and lime, this peach and tomato salsa livens up everything you pair with it!

Peach and tomato salsa in glass bowl with basket of chips in back

When peaches and tomatoes are peaking at their seasonal best, you want to make this chunky salsa! Its juicy spice shines in tacos and quesadillas, and it’s a perfect summer dip for corn tortilla chips.

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tomato, serrano chile, peach half, onion and cilantro

Peach and Tomato Salsa spice ingredients:

  • This salsa calls for two kinds of fresh green chiles. The finger-size serrano gives citrusy heat, and the rounder jalapeños have a milder peppery heat.
  • The number or variety of chile isn’t set in stone though–if you prefer less spicy heat, you can use one chile instead of two. Or two of one kind. If jalapeño peppers are what you have–no worries–you don’t have to go buy a serrano chile.
  • Optional added spice: Aleppo pepper adds a lovely fruity flavor and very mild yet vibrant heat. Aleppo pepper is definitely worth having in your spice cabinet. If you don’t have Aleppo pepper, you can leave it out or substitute half as much of the hotter red chile pepper flakes.
  • After mixing the peaches and tomatoes together with the honey and lime, you’ll probably need to drain the salsa through a sieve. The honey and lime add extra liquid–you’ll get a couple tablespoons of very tasty salsa juice!

chopping serrano chile with salsa in bowl upper left, with knofe

How to choose the best peach for this salsa:

  • Look for firmer peaches that barely give to your touch. Ripe, but not overripe. You want the fruit to keep the diced shape you’ve cut. Select a meatier tomato for the same reason.
  • Choose organic. Peaches (and nectarines) rate in the Dirty Dozen list of fruits and vegetables containing the highest pesticide residues.

Can you make this salsa with nectarines instead of peaches?

  • Yes. In many recipes, like this salsa, nectarines are a dandy substitute for peaches.

What is the difference between peaches and nectarines anyway?

  • *** Fact: A nectarine is a peach, not a cross between and peach and a plum.
  • Peaches and nectarines are very close relatives, with a gene variant deciding the difference between a fuzzy velvety peach skin and the smoother nectarine skin.
  • Peaches are known for their tangy sweet flavor and soft juicy texture and generally, nectarines are the sweeter and firmer relative. Generally. Depending on how ripe the fruit and how yellow or white the skin, your results may vary.
  • Both peaches and nectarines can be freestone, when the pit easily separates from the fruit, or clingstone, when the fruit clings stubbornly to the pit.

How to peel a peach. To peel or not to peel, you decide.

  • Because of their fuzzy skins, peaches are often peeled before eating or baking. (I’m fine with just rubbing the minimal fuzzy part off under water, and Robbie prefers his peaches with the skin removed.)
  • The easy way to peel a peach is to blanch in boiling water for about 30 seconds, and then immediately plunge into ice-cold water. The skin should then slip right off.

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Nutrition information is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. The numbers here are based on 1/4 cup salsa per person but will vary based on the quantity consumed and any substitutions.

*** This is an update of the Peach and Tomato Salsa recipe I posted in 2020.


  • I will have to try this one of these taco tuesdays. Reply · 24 August, 2020

    • Yes. Do you always celebrate Taco Tuesdays? Reply · 29 August, 2020

  • What a delicious salsa! I love the colors here 🙂 Reply · 4 September, 2020

  • Love the colours of the salsa. It looks so fresh and delicious. Reply · 7 September, 2020

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