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Ginger Beer Mexican Mule Cocktail

Looking for a totally refreshing bubbly beverage?  Pop open an ice-cold ginger beer, pour it over a tall glass of ice, and give it a squeeze of lime. Now stir in a shot of golden tequila that’s been lightly aged in an old whiskey barrel. Ta-da–the Mexican mule cocktail!

2 glasses Ginger Beer Mexican Mule Cocktail on red and purple table runner

With gingery bite, tart citrus, and fermented agave fruit, Mexican mule cocktails have brilliant thirst-quenching flavor balance. Besides taste, they’re a cinch to make–in a matter of minutes you’re sipping down smooth and easy. Little wonder they’ve become my new favorite adult beverage.

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Truthfully I’m not a huge cocktail kind of gal. That said, if I’m going to have something besides beer or wine, more than likely it will involve tequila, 100% agave. Give me a tart margarita, a mint-muddled tequila mojito, a straight up sip, or, of late, one of these Mexican tequila mules.

Now how does a cross between a boy donkey and girl horse inspire a cocktail? Rumor has it the liquid mule got its name from ginger beer’s fermented ginger kick.

pouring ginger beer for Mexican Mule Cocktail

The original drinkable mule is the Moscow mule, ginger beer mixed with vodka and lime. Go with bourbon, and you’d be having a Kentucky mule. My friend Jeff serves an extra-kicky mule made with smoky mescal and chile-spiced ginger beer—killer good.

This summer’s Mexican mule kick began when a girlfriend went ga-ga over the spicy taste of a locally-brewed ginger beer. Sharing her fervor, she gifted me with a straight-from-the-tap growler of her fave non-alcoholic ginger beer. Grateful, I thought, “Now what am I going to do with all this soda?”
2 glasses Ginger Beer Mexican Mule Cocktail
Well, I love cold spicy ginger beer when it’s hot outside, and I’d read of Moscow mules–ginger beer with vodka. Lightbulb moment–why not a Mexican mule–tequila with ginger beer and lime juice would be delicious!! So, a growler of ginger beer, a bottle of 100% agave tequila, and many limes later—here we are—this for Mexican mule cocktail recipe!

Mexican Mule Cocktail recipe notes:

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Make it a fabulous weekend. Have yourself a tall glass of ginger beer and lime, with or without tequila!

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  • you mentioned all my favorite drinks! the mexican mule is DELICIOSO! Reply · 21 July, 2017

    • Thanks Tricia! Let’s have a toast together! soon? Reply · 21 July, 2017

  • A mule goes global with tequila. I’m sure your local brew is great, but have you ever tried making your own ginger beer? I did and I was less than thrilled with the results. But it was a long time ago – I may do better if I tried again. GREG Reply · 26 July, 2017

    • We should make some together one day to give it a try. Reply · 29 July, 2017

  • Ruth Herbert

    Absolutely my favorite new drink!! Reply · 1 August, 2019

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