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Tequila Carrots with Curry Tahini Sauce

Transform ordinary carrots from plain Jane to downright sexy! Carrots cooked in smoky tequila and orange zest, then drizzled with creamy spiced curry tahini sauce–here’s a deliciously different bright way to serve carrots!

Tequila Carrots in black bowl with Curry Tahini Sauce and cilantro

That’s right, tequila. About the time the carrots are tender, the tequila has evaporated, leaving the steamed carrots with a certain ” What’s that flavor I’m tasting?”

While the carrots cook, whisk together the curry tahini sauce–sesame seed tahini, with fresh-squeezed lime juice, olive oil, and decent dash of curry powder. This recipe makes enough sauce to serve with the carrots, plus some. Save the extra sauce as a dressing for crisp green salad!

The magic happens with agave tequila and orange zest. Use a light gold reposado, nothing fancy. Just be sure the label says 100% agave. With what’s left in the bottle, you can to make hibiscus margaritas or tequila mojitos!

Cook carrot fingers in tequila and give them a flavorful sauce and you’ll transform the humble carrot into something unique!

carrot sticks, orange zest in grater and a shot of tequila

The idea for tequila carrots was inspired by a recipe for Carrots Cooked in Vodka from Fast Vegetarian Feasts (affiliate link) by Martha Rose Shulman. Author Shulman wrote that “It may seem strange at first glance, but carrots, like people, get a nice lift from vodka. Try it.”

Now at our house you’re more likely to find a bottle of tequila than a bottle of vodka, therefore the changeup. If there’s no tequila around, simmer your carrots with vodka and a little honey, like Ms. Shulman.

Tequila Carrots in black bowl, drizzled with Curry Tahini Sauce

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