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Whole Wheat Kale and Olive Stromboli

A variation of pizza, stromboli is yeast dough rolled up around a yummy filling and baked until golden. This whole wheat kale and olive stromboli is filled with kale, arugula, and goat cheese.

Whole Wheat Kale and Olive Stromboli

Stromboli sounds like the name of that machine that grooms ice rinks, right? Zamboni—stromboli, close, in a fun roll-off-the-tongue word way. Stromboli, though, you can actually bite. Here’s a healthy whole wheat stromboli, filled with hearty greens, tangy goat cheese, and salty black olives.

To simplify the recipe and to save time feel free to purchase fresh pizza dough, readily available at many well-stocked grocers. Or ask your local bread baker.

If you are comfortable with yeast dough, make your own, it will save more time than a trip to the store. Prepare the dough, and while it rises, chop and sauté the filling ingredients. Be sure to preheat the oven so it’s hot when the stromboli is ready to bake.

spreading goat cheese for Whole Wheat Kale and Olive Stromboli

It’s still hot here in Park City, but we had glorious rain showers 3 evenings in a row, to water our thirsty lawns and cool the night air. If I light the oven this week I don’t feel like I’m turning the kitchen into a sauna.

filling Whole Wheat Kale and Olive Stromboli

ready to roll Whole Wheat Kale and Olive Stromboli

ready to bake Whole Wheat Kale and Olive Stromboli

Whole Wheat Kale and Olive Stromboli

***This filling is a variation on an empanada or calzone recipe from my favorite cookbook author Deborah Madison. She adds paprika to her homemade dough, so I did as well.


  • I’m a 64 yr old single granddad who lives alone and I made this a couple weeks ago following the directions to a tee. (kale and all)

    I made two large stromboli that tuned out great. Easily ate one two nights in a row for dinner.

    Anyway, I’m up for some more, so I found this recipe again, but this time I’m making with ground turkey seasoned like Italion sausage with red, green, and yellow peppers, black olives, onions, and homemade sauce.

    If I ever need to come back to refresh my memory on the dough recipe I’ll post how it turned out… Reply · 14 February, 2022

    • Wow! I’m stoked you like the recipe. One day I’ll update the photos. 😏 Reply · 16 February, 2022

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