September 15, 2014

Easy Spicy Zucchini Rice Soup

If zucchini could speak, it would say, “I’m ready for soup. Cook me in vegetable broth with nuggets of brown rice and a hint of fresh chile spice.” Fall equinox, the changing of the seasonal guard happens next week. Celebrate by making this delicious spicy zucchini rice soup that says, “Hello fall, goodbye summer.”

Spicy Zucchini Rice Soup

This nourishing soup takes advantage of the zucchini, chiles and herbs in our CSA box. It’s quick and easy to put together. Make it even faster in a pressure cooker, and turn it creamy with an immersion blender. With or without those timesavers, this is one delicious recipe, a repeater you will want to make whenever zucchini says soup. Continue Reading…

September 11, 2014

Skillet Poached Eggs with Spinach

Time’s ticking by. You’re hungry, and you don’t have a plan for dinner. What about eggs—breakfast for dinner? How about these scrumptious skillet poached eggs with spinach and leeks?

Skillet Poached Eggs with Spinach

Good Food Eats blogger Jessica serves breakfast for supper to her family of eight all the time. I plucked this recipe right out of Jessica’s brand new (this week) cookbook by the same name, Good Cheap Eats–in her chapter called Breakfast for Supper. Continue Reading…

September 8, 2014

Rainbow Chard Garlic Toasts

This is Utah Eat Local Week, a statewide grassroots challenge to eat as locally as possible. To celebrate our regional harvest and showcase some incredible Utah products, my goal was to use all Utah ingredients in these rainbow chard garlic toasts. I hope this recipe sparks you to choose local foods, no matter where you live.

Rainbow Chard Garlic Toasts

With home gardens and CSAs happily overflowing with produce, I felt comfortable taking the Eat Local Pledge, challenging myself to eat and cook and blog local for one week. Everything I needed for today’s recipe–artisan whole grain bread, sweet rainbow chard, salt, awesome garlic and one special ingredient–I found at farmer’s markets and nearby grocery stores. Continue Reading…

September 3, 2014

Crunchy Herb Croutons + Heirloom Tomatoes

Bet you can’t eat just one. The crunchy herby croutons, that is. Or is it the tomatoes, so ripe, so sweet, so full of late summer freshness? Colorful wedges paired with salty golden crisp in one happy mouthful—this arrangement of crunchy herb croutons + heirloom tomatoes are, for me, irresistible.

Crunchy Herb Croutons + Heirloom Tomatoes

After you eat just one buttery pan-fried herby cube, you’ll want another, and another. Like the bet in that old potato chip commercial, one is not enough. Leave these crunchy munchies out for snacks, they disappear as soon as you can say peasant bread.
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August 30, 2014

Brown Rice Shiso Sushi Salad {vegan, gluten-free}

Say it aloud. Brown rice shiso sushi salad. Quickly. Shiso sushi salad. Holy shiso, that’s a tongue twister. It’s also a tongue pleaser, this salad of shiso shreds, avocado slices, carrot matchsticks, cucumber, green nori ribbons, pink pickled ginger and a spicy wasabi dressing.

Brown Rice Shiso Sushi Salad

Bless shiso for this recipe, though it’s not a major ingredient and the salad will be plenty tasty without shiso. I’ve seen the aromatic jagged-edge green leaf, a cousin of mint and basil, used as a green wasabi vessel in restaurants, so when the surprise herb, also known as Japanese basil, came in our CSA box, it made total sense to invent shiso sushi salad.

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