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Instant Pot Red Velvet Beet Soup

There’s something mind-blowingly sublime about this red velvet beet soup that cannot be described. Scarlet and velvety, rich in umami flavor, the whole is greater than the sum of red lentils, beets, carrots, its parts. Serve this amazing vegan soup without speaking a word.

Instant Pot Red Velvet Beet Soup | Letty's Kitchen

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Imagine sitting down at the communal table. A steaming bowl of strikingly bright red soup is placed before you. No one tells you what it might be. Wow this is incredible, what the heck is it? Tomato? No. Sip after sip, you savor every nuance.

I first tasted this nourishing vegan potage on a retreat where meals were enjoyed in silence—no chatter, no exclaiming how delicious, or no wondering out loud. Do you think quiet and calm enhances food?

Remarkably elegant red velvet beet soup. No preconceptions. Pretend you don’t know what or how, and enjoy with curiosity.

ingredients for Instant Pot Red Velvet Beet Soup

Red Velvet Beet Soup details:

  • Soup making in a pressure cooker is quick and efficient, so that’s how I roll. Before owning an Instant Pot, I fervently promoted stovetop pressure cookers–just as fast, with fewer bells and whistles. This soup is super easy to make on the stove as well, and you’ll find those directions in the recipe.
  • Fermented miso’s umami ranges in flavors and colors, textures and aromas, as varied as that of the world’s fine wines or cheeses.
  • The onions sautéed in rich nutty toasted sesame oil (affiliate link) brings in yet more flavor.
  • When testing this recipe, I drew pretty white squiggle of vegan sour cream on top. But you know what? The tangy cream dented the red velvet sublime WOW flavor—just a squiggle of difference changed this soup’s essence. Really. Resist the urge to add.
  • Immersion blenders (affiliate link) are the other amazing timesaver for creamy soups. You stick the wand in the pot and whir away—no messy hot fuss and muss.
  • I saw herb scissors (affiliate link) in action last month and quickly decided they’re my next kitchen tool–fresh herb confetti in seconds flat. Anybody recommend a brand?
  • You might also like this Instant Pot creamy vegan Southwestern cauliflower soup.
Vegan Instant Pot Red Velvet Beet Soup

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Nutrition Facts
Instant Pot Red Velvet Beet Soup
Amount Per Serving
Calories 219 Calories from Fat 27
% Daily Value*
Fat 3g5%
Sodium 1439mg63%
Potassium 628mg18%
Carbohydrates 36g12%
Fiber 13g54%
Sugar 8g9%
Protein 11g22%
Vitamin A 4705IU94%
Vitamin C 7.1mg9%
Calcium 45mg5%
Iron 3.4mg19%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


  • I agree–I was amazed how the cream took away from the original flavor. Maybe a tahini puree with very little lemon? Reply · 9 October, 2017

    • Liz–now I’m thinking a cashew cream! Going to try it–we’re having leftover red velvet soup for dinner! Reply · 9 October, 2017

  • I just got an Instant Pot and I’m so excited to try it out! This soup is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It looks so creamy and that color is gorgeous! Reply · 9 October, 2017

    • Thank Marcie. Enjoy your new toy! Dinner is on the table fast with an Instant Pot! Reply · 9 October, 2017

  • I can’t imagine not being able to share my thoughts after tasting such brilliant soup! You must have been itching to tell someone! What a stunning color, Letty! Reply · 9 October, 2017

    • Thanks Liren. In a way, I enjoyed wondering what the heck I was tasting, slurp after slurp. 😉 Reply · 9 October, 2017

  • What a fun idea for the instant pot!! Reply · 9 October, 2017

  • I love that you included red lentils and miso in this strikingly hued soup! Reply · 9 October, 2017

    • Thanks Katie, I think you’ll agree the flavor combo is amazing. Reply · 9 October, 2017

  • I’m still stuck on my slow cooker and haven’ taken the pressure cooker plunge yet! LOL! BUT I would just to make these gorgeous soup! Reply · 10 October, 2017

  • Heather

    this sounds great! how big were the beets you used? I have one in my fridge from the farmer’s market but it’s HUGE Reply · 10 October, 2017

    • Thank you Heather. Do you have a kitchen scale? Figure 1 1/2 to 2 cups chopped beets, a little less than a pound. Reply · 10 October, 2017

  • Kent

    This looks amazing and I am going to cook it tonight! Thanks Letty for all your great recipes! Reply · 20 November, 2018

    • Thank you Kent. It’s one of my favorites! Reply · 20 November, 2018

  • Ginna

    I loved this! My hubby..not so much. I would have given it 5 stars if he did enjoy it.
    All the more for me…I think it should freeze well. Reply · 22 February, 2019

    • Hi Ginna. Thanks for the note. It does freeze well. I wonder if your husband would have liked it if he hadn’t known the red color was the beets. 😉 Reply · 22 February, 2019

  • Carolyn Sterrett

    This came out great and you are right the color is amazing. I was excited that I had red miso on hand to make it. It was super easy with the instantpot and a stick blender.
    Had the beet greens in a smoothie today too! Reply · 16 April, 2020

  • Very nice recipe and use of umami flavors, umami makes food really amazing. read more about what is umami flavor Reply · 9 December, 2020

  • Verona

    This always goes down well with guests, and we love it too. I have used a little yeast extract when I don’t have miso, and that works too. I’ve also tried swapping the carrots for parsnips which were needing to be used – delicious. Today I’m making it with sweet potato as I had one to use up. Thank you Reply · 21 November, 2023

    • Thank you Verona. I love that you feel comfortable making substitutions using what you have on hand. Reply · 25 November, 2023

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