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Baked Taquito Flautas with Simple Guacamole

Yummy chile-spiced pinto beans rolled into soft tortillas, baked until good and crispy, and served with the easiest 2-ingredient guacamole you’ll ever meet—you are going to fall in love with these vegetarian baked taquito flautas with simple guacamole.

Baked Taquito Flautas with Simple Guacamole

Taquitos flautas? Are you wondering why I gave this recipe two names that basically mean the same thing? Right, the distinction is subtle. And confusing, in that the differences dissolve depending on where you are in Mexico. Or Texas. Or California.

Generally, taquitos are skinny fried tacos made with corn tortillas. Flautas, on the other hand are usually filled and fried flour tortillas, long and slim, like musical flutes. Flautas–Spanish for flutes—love that image!
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Baked Taquito Flautas with Simple Guacamole plated

Spread a couple tablespoons of filling–nutritious fiber-rich cooked pinto beans mashed with chipotle pepper, onion, cilantro, and a bit of cheddar cheese–inside a softened tortilla. Fold over and roll up like you would a rug, spray the rolls with healthy cooking spray, and then bake into crunchy spicy meatless taquito flautas. Baked, not fried–much better for us!

filling Baked Taquito Flautas with Simple Guacamole

While the filled rollups bake, mush avocado and purchased green salsa into guacamole. Two ingredients, three minutes. Easy-tasty.

Simple 2-ingredient guacamole for Baked Taquito Flautas with Simple Guacamole

Serve your crispy baked taquito flautas with simple guacamole and shredded lettuce, as appetizers or a light supper. They are plenty sturdy for travel—I tucked them in a Tupperware container to share at an outdoor summer concert not too long ago. Serve with refreshing Ginger Beer Mexican Mules, with or without tequila.

Baked Taquito Flautas with Simple Guacamole recipe notes:

  • I started out naming them flautas, but then wavered, thinking you–more people–would know these skinny Mexican snacks as taquitos. The double-barreled name came when I accidentally picked up Mi Rancho’s organic artisan corn tortillas, thinking I was buying pure corn tortillas. Whoops! Mi Rancho’s “artisan” tortillas are made with both corn and wheat–they are perfect for taquito flautas!
  • If you can’t find tortillas made with both corn and wheat flour, roll your skinny taco burritos with either corn tortillas, or your favorite whole wheat flour tortilla. (If you use flour tortillas, double the filling recipe.)
  • The easiest way to soften your tortillas for rolling is spray them with cooking spray and pop in the oven for a minute, like for chard enchiladas. Alternatively, brush the tortillas lightly with avocado or olive oil.
  • Make these vegan: Omit the cheese.

rolled and ready to bake Baked Taquito Flautas with Simple Guacamole

Ingredient notes:

  • For baking spray, I’ve converted to Chosen Foods avocado spray instead of canola oil spray. There is no comparison in flavor and quality. Plus, I’ve been reading about canola oil and am steering away from it. Definitely avocado oil is a healthier oil. You can also use a quality olive oil spray.
  • I make these super easy with canned pinto beans, cooking spray, and purchased salsa verde. If you’re planning ahead (so rarely me), cook your beans and salsa verde from scratch.

Make it a fabulous week–get in the kitchen and cook something quick and easy!

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