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Grill Roasted Beets and Garlic

If you invite a friend who’s a master gardener to dinner and she asks what to bring–ask back, “What’s in your garden?,” you might end up with this delicious treat–grill roasted beets and garlic!

Grill Roasted Beets and Garlic

That’s how this recipe happened. Our friends surprised us with vivid bloodshot beets, just picked, washed and trimmed. All I added was a little olive oil—and whole garlic cloves. Packaged in a big sheet of aluminum foil–onto the grill they went for succulent grill roasted beets and garlic.

We sat on the deck enjoying our park-like yard, drinking wine and telling tales. Whenever Robbie warned that the grill thermometer was pegged all the way to 600 degrees, I got up, opened the grill to cool it down, and moved the packet of beets around. Casual. No worries. After about 45 minutes I poked into the packet and declared them done.

Grill Roasted Beets and Garlic

Wow! The beets were caramelized on the bottom from the high heat, and subtly infused with roasted garlic flavor. What a brilliant side for our veggie burgers!

We didn’t need condiments like mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup or fry sauce. We mashed the buttery spreadable roasted garlic on the grill-toasted buns. Wow again!

Grill Roasted Beets and Garlic

Glamping, that’s how we live in the Columbia River Gorge. With a hot shower, comfortable bed, and an outdoor grill for roasted beets and garlic. We hide from the rain in our vintage trailer, but mostly we live outside at our Pacific Northwest camp. Electricity, water and septic, we’ve got it. The tame neighborhood deer and bunny rabbits think it’s their camp, except when #Carlosdog is in residence.

Grill Roasted Beets and Garlic

It seems as if everyone in the Gorge has a vegetable garden. We are grateful to share the garden harvest with neighbors and friends. Especially when it includes beets and garlic.

The salt and pepper shakers came from my sister Mary. We call them Sister Salty Mary and Sister Mary Pepper, and remember our elementary school teachers.

Wishing you a fabulous week–get in the kitchen and cook something delicious!

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