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Chard Marries Chickpeas

Chard and chickpeas travel together all over the world as a sociable twosome, ready to mingle with many cuisines. In this recipe, leafy greens and nutty beans pair up India style. Chard marries chickpeas–they celebrate as a nutritious and spicy curry.

Chard Marries Chickpeas

Whenever chard shows up in our weekly farm share box, I’m a happy cook and recipe writer. That’s because I love chard’s adaptable nature. So many possibilities: Make chard enchiladas, give chard an avocado sauce, even bake tender chard into a sweet dessert tart.

I just figured out that I’ve allowed chard and chickpeas a long-term affair on this blog. I seem to be the priest at a chard marries chickpeas wedding–I keep pairing adaptable chard with toothsome protein-full chickpeas. Today’s curried chickpeas and chard recipe sends the two on a another honeymoon. They’ve been to Thailand–Chard and Chickpeas in a Coconut Sauce, and this recipe takes them to India.

And then there’s this recipe for curried potatoes, garbanzos and greens!

Chard Marries Chickpeas

Do you remember when you first tasted curry? Was it Indian curry or Thai curry? “Curry” is a catchall term for hot and spicy sauces from both India and Thailand.

Most cooks know that curry refers to a spice blend, and not one spice all by itself. Indian curries, as well as Thai curries, can have a hundred, maybe a thousand variations. The distinct rich yellow-orange hue in Indian curry powder? That’s turmeric. Today’s curried chickpeas and chard includes fresh ginger, for flavor unique from curry in a bottle.

Chard Marries Chickpeas

Right now, this East Indian curry is my favorite chard marries chickpea combo. Is it too much on the marriage and affair metaphor to say that fresh ginger is the flower girl in today’s homemade blend of curry spice?

Chard Marries Chickpeas recipe notes:

  • My kitchen holds several long-time favorite cookbooks by Anna Thomas–this recipe is adapted from her curried chard and chickpea recipe in  The Vegetarian Epicure Book II. The curry spice mix is homemade, blended from classic curry spices.
  • I tested this recipe using a sample package of pre-washed and pre-cut rainbow chard from Cut ‘N Clean Greens.
  • Need curry in a hurry? In this recipe for curried potatoes and garbanzo beans, purchased Thai curry paste mixed with coconut milk builds a simple savory sauce. Red curry paste with coconut milk is the only Thai curry I’ve ever made. Gotta change that–there’s a ton of potential exploring Thai vegetarian curries, enough to keep Letty’s Kitchen in recipes for years!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend–get in the kitchen and cook something delicious!

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  • […] Chard Marries Chickpeas […] Reply · 8 January, 2015

  • Corinne Crandall

    We love this dish. Made it last night with 10oz baby spinach in lieu of chard and added some tempeh. Topped with some mango chutney and a glob of plain greek yogurt. It smells and tastes so good. Outstanding! Reply · 31 May, 2016

    • Thanks Corinne! I’m so happy you enjoy the recipe and equally glad you felt comfortable substituting spinach for the chard! Reply · 31 May, 2016

  • Kelly

    just made this tonight — absolutely fantastic! Reply · 29 May, 2017

    • Thank you Kelly–I’m glad you enjoyed it! Reply · 9 June, 2017

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