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Poblano Chiles Stuffed with Potatoes and Cheese

When we visited Felipe and Diana’s home in San Miguel de Allende Mexico, we made poblano chiles stuffed with potatoes and cheese for dinner. Here’s the recipe and why I love traditional open air Mexican markets!

Poblano Chiles Stuffed with Potatoes and Cheese

Qué le doy—what can I get you? They call out to you as you pass by their stalls brimming with fruits and vegetables, and flowers, every variety of meats and fish, and much much more.

Damn I love Mexican mercados. Pirate CD puestos a half kilometer down the passageway blare out ranchera and rock, competing for your ears against the musician with guitar two stalls away serenading birthday wishes, Las Mananitas, to the girl selling leather belts and shoes. The colors, the music, the food!

señora in Mexican mercado--Poblano Chiles Stuffed with Potatoes and Cheese | Letty's Kitchen

So rich and abundant, so full of optimism, with smells easily and not so easily identified.  You can have your high-price supermarket’s sterile packaging just like any city in the world–for the life’s bright vibrancy, give me a Mexican mercado any day. Full crescendo open air Mexican mercados are feasts for the eyes, ears, and palate.

You’ll see handsome señoras wrapped in traditional shawls selling homegrown fruit like avocados and limes, or old cowboys selling even older tools they’ve arranged on blankets on the ground.

browsing fruit and vegetable stall for Poblano chiles with potatoes and cheese

We were on a mission for food to cook at home all week. In our bolsas we carried fresh green chiles and small yellow-gold potatoes for the poblano chiles stuffed with potatoes and cheese, plus fresh tomatoes for the sauce. We bought avocados and jalapeño chiles for killer guacamole, and fragile purple orchids to grace the kitchen counter.

While shopping, we passed by more than you can count restaurant stalls. There were women hand-forming tortillas and other masa shapes, that they would fill with your choice of frijoles, thinly sliced meat, red and green salsa, and grated cheese.

At one stall we bought corn on the cob right off the grill. The señorita cut the corn in 2-inch pieces, and shook them in a plastic bag with chile powder and fresh-squeezed lime juice before handing it over.

Slowly around each corner and passageway, we found everything we could ever want, including white Peruana beans for the creamiest of refried beans, and dried guajillo chiles to flavor the beans.

Most of the time in mainland Mexico I don’t have a kitchen, with no reason to shop much in the mercados. What a delight to do serious food shopping in Mexico and cook a Mexican dinner like these poblano chiles stuffed with potatoes and cheese! The flavorful tomato sauce with the chiles is easy to make from canned tomatoes–don’t miss it!

Make it a fabulous week–get in the kitchen and cook something delicious!

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