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Tex-Mex Roasted Potato Nachos (Vegetarian)

Loaded with chili spice, black beans, colorful veggies, and gooey melting cheese, Tex-Mex roasted potato nachos is one of those soul-satisfying foodie pleasures of life. Sometimes it’s all you need.

close up Tex-Mex Roasted Potato Nachos | Letty's Kitchen

Nachos were born in Texas, near the Mexican border—they were essentially tortilla chips heavily draped with melted cheese. Now we pile all kinds of goodies in between and under the cheese, mostly following a Southwestern Tex-Mex flavor theme. In place of the usual tortilla chips, these nachos begin with sliced, oven-roasted potatoes, seasoned with cumin, chili powder, smoked paprika, and chili lime salt.


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ready to serve Tex-Mex Roasted Potato Nachos | Letty's Kitchen

Tex-Mex roasted potato nachos, with garnishes galore, are what’s called loaded. Besides the beans, and corn, and cheese, these get red pepper, black olives, avocado, green onions, and cilantro, and a final sprinkle of fresh jalapeño spice. I like to serve the sour cream and salsa on the side, but feel free to drizzle and dollop the condiments on top of everything else before diving right in.

ingredients for Tex-Mex Roasted Potato Nachos | Letty's Kitchen

We had dinner with a small group of friends a little while back and our host asked me to bring potatoes. OK. I brought these Tex-Mex roasted potato nachos. Everyone went bonkers over that warm potato dish—I never called them nachos and really no one cared. What I’m saying is these loaded taters are more than a snack, they’re also welcome as a tasty side dish.

And I will confess that we have, on occasion, gobbled these vegetarian nachos for dinner alone, in front of the TV. Think movie night, World Series baseball, playoff football, March Madness basketball—you get the idea.

ready to eat Tex-Mex Roasted Potato Nachos | Letty's Kitchen

Tex-Mex Roasted Potato Nachos notes:

  • If your potatoes are organic and blemish free, just scrub the potatoes well and slice with the skin left on.
  • A cold water soak is an old chef’s trick. Soaking removes some of the potato’s starch, so the roasted potatoes will be more crispy. You can soak the sliced potatoes longer than 10 minutes, even overnight. Be sure to pat them dry before seasoning and roasting, to not defeat the purpose!
  • I used chili lime salt from San Francisco Salt Company. Trader Joe’s has a chile lime seasoning blend that looks good too. Or you can make your own, with flake sea salt, dried chile, and lime zest.
  • And if you’re hankering to have some roasted potato nachos and don’t have chili lime salt on hand, just use flake sea salt and the juice of another half a lime.
  • **However–chili lime salt is handy to have around—it looks pretty and tastes yummy on the rim of a fruity margarita! 😉
  • You might also like these colorful delicious potato and bean tacos.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend–get in the kitchen and cook something delicious!

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  • Holy nacho perfection! Love that you used my beloved potatoes in place of chips, genius! Reply · 1 April, 2017

    • Thank you Bethany!! btw I love your recipes and love sharing them via our Tailwind Tribe! Reply · 1 April, 2017

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