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Black Rice and Pea Shoot Salad with Tamari Roasted Cashews

Exotic nutritious black rice and curly jade green pea shoots, with bright carrot slivers, green onions, and tamari-roasted cashews, all tossed in a zesty dressing of lime juice and toasted sesame oil–you are going to love love love this vibrant black rice and pea shoot salad!
Black Rice and Pea Shoot Salad on a white rectangle plate, ready to serve

Important! If pea shoots aren’t coming your way, no problem, just substitute snow peas that you’ve cut in thin slivers. Snow peas or pea shoots, you must make this hearty salad!

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Almond Flour Banana Chocolate Muffins

Soft and moist, like a good brownie, naturally sweetened with maple syrup and ripe bananas, these almond flour chocolate banana muffins are a healthy gluten free chocolate treat.

almond flour banana chocolate muffins stacked on plate with one facing camera

In some places right now, all-purpose wheat flour is scarce. Are the baking shelves bare because we’re staying home and finding ourselves with more time to bake? This is an excellent time to whip up a batch of chocolate banana muffins, made with almond flour.

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Vegetarian Paella Salad with Spiced Walnuts

Bright and healthy with savory, sweet, color and crunch, everything you want in a stellar salad, this paella salad with spiced walnuts has it all!

I received free samples of California Walnuts featured in this post. By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by California Walnuts and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time.

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Vegetarian Paella Salad with Spiced Walnuts in wooden bowl

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Polenta Cauliflower Torta with Roasted Asparagus (How to Cook Polenta in Instant Pot)

Sautéed cauliflower and onions whisked into polenta and baked, served with salty tender-crisp asparagus and toasted hazelnuts, this polenta cauliflower torta is simple Italian comfort food turned elegant.

plated slice of Polenta Cauliflower Torta

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World’s Easiest Vegetarian Pantry Chili

This quick-to-make vegetarian pantry chile opens what I’d normally say is too many cans. At least a month ago it might have felt that way. Not anymore. As we stay home and negotiate this COVID pandemic, it’s a darn good time to have a pantry full of canned food.

bowl of vegetarian Pantry Chili with cheese sprinkle on top.

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Consider this recipe a meatless meal with a hug, a virtual hug from me, to you. Scared, anxious, worried, frustrated, disappointed, inconvenient, emotional–you’re not alone. We’re all in this together.

I hope this recipe nourishes you and helps you out in the home cooking department. Even if you’ve never boiled water, you can do this.

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