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Roasted Fall Vegetables with Tamari Tempeh

Colorful winter squash, aromatic onions, whole garlic cloves and earthy potatoes and tamari-seasoned soy tempeh, that would be this casserole of roasted fall vegetables with tamari tempeh. Everything gets a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of musky herbs, and time in a hot oven–until the edges of the vegetables caramelize to golden doneness. Simply delicious.

Roasted Fall Vegetables and Tamari Tempeh

This recipe for roasted fall vegetables with tamari tempeh is husband Robbie’s. He says there are no hard and fast rules about which vegetables to roast, “Use what you’ve got.” As in, choose any variety of potatoes–purple, gold, red, or sweet. Red onion is pretty, but if yellows are what you have—go for it. Include plenty of orange—like winter squash, carrots, and yams.

raw vegetables for Roasted Fall Vegetables and Tamari Tempeh

So the veggies cook faster, my man covers the pan at the start. The tempeh goes in when the cover comes off for the real roasting. He always sprinkles his vegetables with cheese and slides the dish under the broiler for a golden brown finish. I was so antsy to get this one out of the oven and on to the table for photos I forgot about Robbie’s broiler trick. Patience is a (sometimes missing) virtue…

Garlic. The more the merrier—that’s why 2 whole bulbs of roasted garlic in the mix. Watch, you’ll find yourself picking around the carrot and potato chunks looking for another soft buttery roasted garlic clove.

Cut veggies ready for Roasted Fall Vegetables and Tamari Tempeh

Do you do tempeh? Arguably the best plant-based protein out there, and a vegetarian staple in Indonesian cuisine, basically, tempeh is fermented soybeans. Its chewy texture absorbs whatever flavoring you give it, making tamari tempeh a delicious complement to roasted vegetables.

Next time you feel winter’s bluster, turn up the oven and banish the cold, with roasted fall vegetables with tamari tempeh. Like a crackling fire melts the chill, this dish warmly nourishes hungry bellies.

Roasted Fall Vegetables and Tamari Tempeh

Roasted Fall Vegetables with Tamari Tempeh recipe details:

  • Orange-flesh winter squash comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Smooth-sided butternut squash is easier to peel compared to deeply furrowed Carnival squash, which I used when I cooked this dish for photos. You can always eliminate the bitch of peeling, and opt for peeled, seeded and cubed frozen squash.
  • If your potatoes are organic there is no need to peel—merely scrub them well. Read here why organic.
  • Keep tempeh in the freezer, so when you need it, it’s there. Cook tempeh in tamari soy sauce-spiked water before adding it to any dish. I call it “plumping”– the tempeh thaws, softens, and absorbs the salty tamari flavor, all in the same 10 minutes.
  • Vegan? Skip the cheese but not the broil. (My bad–I forgot to give everything that last broil when I shot the photos. Where was Robbie when I needed him?)
  • This is a holiday side dish that wins friends and influences meals. Make it with or without the tempeh.

Roasted Fall Vegetables and Tamari Tempeh

What’s your favorite roasted vegetable? Let us know in the Comment section below the recipe.

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** This is a complete update/revision of a recipe for Roasted Purple Majesty Potatoes with Tempeh, that I posted on my old muffintalk blog in October 2013. How about those purple potatoes in the old photo below the recipe?
Roasted Purple majesty Potatoes and Tempeh


  • Loved this Letty! Made it for dinner tonight with a homemade tahini sauce. Left out the cheese. xo Reply · 26 October, 2015

    • Ahh tahini sauce. I’ve got a few lined up. Reply · 28 October, 2015

  • AW winter squash makes EVERYTHING taste PHENOMENAL!!! 😀 😀 😀 Reply · 27 October, 2015

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