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Roasted Fall Vegetables with Tamari Tempeh

Colorful winter squash and earthy potatoes, aromatic onions, whole cloves of garlic and a generous drizzle of olive oil–simple! Roasted to tender caramelized golden doneness, here’s a main dish vegetarian meal full of nutritious fall vegetables and tamari-seasoned tempeh!

Roasted Fall Vegetables and Tamari Tempeh in red casserole dish ready to eat

The recipe for roasted vegetables is Robbie’s idea. Mine was to add the tempeh for protein and meatiness. There are no hard and fast rules about which vegetables to roast, “Use what you’ve got”, he says. As in, choose any variety of potatoes–purple, gold, red, or sweet. Red onion is pretty, but if yellows are what you have—go for it. Include plenty of orange—like winter squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

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carnival squash, onion, potatoes, garlic and carrots, ready to chop

So the veggies cook faster and stay moist, cover the pan at the start. About two-thirds of the way into the roast, remove the cover and stir in tempeh that you’ve lightly simmered in tamari-spiked water. When the vegetables are done, you can do like Robbie, and sprinkle the top with grated Pecorino-Romano cheese before sliding the dish under the broiler for a golden brown finish.

Garlic, the more the merrier–this recipe calls for 2 to 3 whole bulbs. I bet you find yourself picking out the soft buttery roasted garlic cloves and leaving the tender carrot and potato chunks for someone else. At least that’s how we roll around here.

Cut vegetables tossed in olive oil and herbs, ready to roast

Do you cook tempeh? What is tempeh?

  • With 15 grams protein per half cup, it’s arguably the best plant-based protein out there. This vegetarian staple in Indonesian cuisine is basically soybeans that have been fermented with a grain and formed into cakes.  Tempeh has a firm meaty texture that easily absorbs marinades and flavors, like salty tamari. Tamari-seasoned tempeh is a delicious co-star to the roasted vegetables.
  • Look for organic tempeh in the refrigerated section near other fermented and meatless foods. Most any brand works well in this recipe. Lightlife sells more than one variety and flavor. Keep tempeh refrigerated (or frozen) until ready to use.

Next time you feel winter’s bluster, turn up the oven and banish the cold. Like a crackling fire melts the chill, this main-course casserole warmly nourishes hungry bellies.

Roasted Vegetables and Tempeh in a white bolw ready to eat

Roasted Fall Vegetables with Tamari Tempeh recipe details:

  • Orange-flesh winter squash comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Smooth-sided butternut squash is easier to peel compared to deeply furrowed Carnival squash, which I used when I cooked this dish for photos.
  • Delicata squash doesn’t need to be peeled–just take out the seeds and cut into half-rings and add them to the mix. With butternut squash, you can eliminate the bitch of peeling, by opting for peeled, seeded and cubed frozen squash.
  • If your potatoes are organic, merely scrub them well. Read here why choose organic.
  • Tip: Keep tempeh in the freezer, so when you need it, it’s there. Just simmer the frozen tempeh in water seasoned with a little tamari soy sauce (affiliate link) before using. The tempeh thaws, softens, and absorbs the salty tamari flavor, all at the same time.
  • Vegan? Skip the cheese and pop the casserole under the broiler for a rich umami finish.
  • This is a fabulous holiday side dish guaranteed to win friends and influences meals. Make it with or without the tempeh.

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Roasted Fall Vegetables and Tamari Tempeh

Make it a fabulous week–get in the kitchen and roast something delicious in the oven!

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    Originally published in October 2015, this is an updated recipe.


  • Corinne

    Thanks, Letty, this one is a Roy pleaser! And, we have plenty for tomorrow’s dinner, too. I cut up a LOT of potatoes and squash so we would have leftovers. We used a Calabeza squash Roy got at the FM last Wednesday. Very tasty! Reply · 10 October, 2020

    • Thank you for the note here. I like the idea of cutting extra for leftovers. Because once you have that knife out you may as well keep going! Reply · 11 October, 2020

  • Carolyn Sterrett

    My husband and I both loved this recipe. I had to use the tempeh crumbles b/c the regular one wasn’t available at WF. WF in Park City says they are having trouble sourcing it. Anyway, It was delicious. I used fresh thyme, marjoram and oregano. They aroma as it was baking was heavenly. Perfect for a fall meal with some wheat bread on the side. We didn’t eat the whole pan, but almost! Reply · 11 October, 2020

    • Thank you Carolyn. I’m having a hard time finding tempeh too. None at Smith’s nor WF this week but I found some at The Market formerly known as Dans. Reply · 11 October, 2020

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