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Shiitake Sesame Salad Dressing (Copycat recipe)

Inspired by a popular bottled dressing, this shiitake sesame salad dressing is loaded with umami flavor! You will love the fusion of toasted sesame oil, pungent shiitake mushrooms and tamari soy sauce. Mixed into a simple vinaigrette, they’ll give your salads a zesty Asian flavor zing!

shiitake sesame dressing in glass pitcher with fingers holding spoonful of dressing above the pitcher

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What’s Happening in Letty’s Kitchen!

Hey, hello, hola!

I hope you’re having an amazing spring! Here, we’ve had frigid nights, interspersed with record-breaking warm days, followed by full on snowstorms–it’s definitely spring in the mountains! Like they say, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a day.

2 tacos in metal holder garnished with avocado slices

Let’s talk about stuff. Stuff in closets, in the office, the kitchen, the garage. After living in a trailer for 5 months, we realize how much stuff we truly don’t need. So, back home now, we’re in the process of parting ways with some of our stuff. Spring cleaning!

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Easy Garbanzo Bean Soup

Made without a lick of cream, this garbanzo bean soup is a delightful “bisque” of a soup. It uses just 5 ingredients, one of them unexpected–a bit of chopped fresh mint. The mint adds a unique subtle flavor to this super-easy chickpea soup! 

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What’s Happening in Letty’s Kitchen-March 2021 Musings

Hey, hello, hola, and Happy April Fool’s Day!

Orange flowers above and around blue door in Baja Mexico.

Here’s your March newsletter. Well, it was March, and now it’s not. How on earth did the calendar kick over to April so soon? Would you call that an April Fool’s trick on me?

>>>> 15 easy and safe April Fool’s pranks that’ll give you the giggles. Families with kids in diapers, #8 is last minute doable. Yum.

We’re still in Baja, but not for long. Robbie’s crossing off all the details for closing up the trailer and hauling it to the storage yard, and I’m trying to use up all the food we still have in the fridge and pantry. That’s meals for the next 4 days, plus, like we did on the way down, salads in jars for 3 nights on the road.

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Roasted Asparagus with Cilantro Chimichurri Sauce

Lush green spears blistered to golden and tender, served with a serious drizzle of verdant green sauce, this simple roasted asparagus with cilantro chimichurri sauce speaks earthy elegance. It’s a winning easy vegetable side dish!

Roasted Asparagus with Cilantro Chimichurri Sauce on white platter with glass pitcher of sauce
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